The Mighty STOOR

STOOR / Kill Pretty / The Fnords – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Saturday 9th May 2015

I nearly didn’t make it on Saturday. Still wrecked from the Thursday night it was very tempting to stay at home. But ‘Chronicles 1986-2020’ is so good, I managed to stir my weary bones for one further late night.

And I was very glad that I did because this was the best STOOR gig I’ve seen so far – and the previous two were pretty great.

It was also without question the best sounding show I’ve seen them play. The guitars are great on the record but on Saturday they were just immense.

It didn’t hurt to know the songs for the first time either but they possess an energy that bands half their age would do well to emulate.

Playing their own show seemed to suit them. Whilst previously they’ve been soewhat introverted on stage, this time there was much more interaction with the audience and they seemed more relaxed. There were even two false starts to (I think) ‘Infect Me’ but they were unfazed and pulled it off at the third time of asking.

The pity is that there doesn’t appear to be any shows in the pipeline for the immediate future. They describe themselves as Dundee’s best kept secret and if there’s an award for low profile versus talent then STOOR would surely scoosh that.

For this is a band that deserves to be heard outwith Dundee and it’s quite depressing that all the top searches for STOOR and ‘Chronicles’ brings you back to this site!


The Fnords

Support came from the Fnords making at least their third Cool Cat Club appearance (if not their fourth). Cranking out high energy garage rock they got the show off to a blazing and enjoyable start.

Next up, all the way from Manchester, were Kill Pretty. Probably of a similar vintage to the headliners they were the evening’s heaviest act.

Their front man didn’t interact much with the audience but pulled all the right moves. The young bassist threw in some rock poses whilst the terrific guitarist undemonstratively underpinned the whole show.


Kill Pretty

For all that it was a fairly lengthy set, they certainly won over a good proportion of the audience and this blogger is certainly keen to hear more.

‘Chronicles 1986-2020’ is available now (on vinyl) but there’s not an obvious way to get it. Pester them on their Facebook!

Here’s the last three songs of Saturday’s STOOR set, plus the encore: