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Malka / Book Group / Little Anchors – Duke’s Corner, Dundee – 20th May 2015

Even allowing for the fact that I’m getting old 9 pm is a ridiculously hard core time to be starting a gig on a school night. I didn’t have any chance of lasting the pace til the end of this show but it’s fair to say that I wasn’t alone in that regard as the crowd noticeably thinned during the course of the evening.

The principal reason for going was, of course, to see Book Group for the first time in nearly 6 months. And it was a much changed set from last time out. Never a band to rest on their laurels, they engaged forward gear fairly decisively last night opening with no fewer than 5 unrecorded songs.

Three of these songs had been aired at the tail end of last year but there were a couple of tunes completely new to me – the extended opener and the danceable ‘Opening Night’.

The only old tunes were effectively the hits – ‘Year of the Cat’, ‘Here Is Too Near’ and ‘Victory Lap’ bringing the set to a fine conclusion.

The preponderance of new tunes prevented this being a classic but I think next time might be.


Little Anchors had opened the show. The tags they seem to have acquired worried me a little that and were pretty decent even if they perhaps leant closer to the heavier end of their influences. But there were times too when they conjured up pleasing hazy noise. Worth looking out for.


Little Anchors

Sadly Malka suffered from the late hour in that I only hung around for a couple of tunes. Whilst definitely a band who are outwith this site’s usual terms of reference, I actually enjoyed what I heard and might explore further. When I’m less tired!



Book Group played:

1. Season of Screams  2. Mayonnaise  3. Kickstart  4. The Art of Underachieving  5. Opening Night  6. Year of the Cat  7. Here Is Too Near  8. Victory Lap

Photos from the show here.

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