Fun, Noise and Awkward Chat – Tuff Love interview

DEC- 2014  - LONDON : Artist:Tuff Love. Band members Julie Eisenstein and Susan Bear. ( Photograph by Graeme Robertson)

Tuff Love  – LONDON, December 2014
( Photograph by Graeme Robertson)

Good things, it seem, keep happening for Tuff Love.

Starting with signing to Lost Map around 18 months ago, the Glasgow band seem to have been on a startling upward curve ever since. Another remarkable milestone is being chosen for the coveted support slot for Ride on the UK dates of their comeback tour this weekend – starting this evening at the legendary Barrowlands.

Ahead of that tour and with a mini Scottish tour (which touches down at Drouthy’s in Dundee on Thursday 28th) following hard on its heels Julie and Suse reflected on a hectic six months since their last Dundee show.

But in truth there was only really one place to start.

“We’re so, so excited to be playing with Ride, we reaallly love their music! It came about through Tom from a promoter called Eat Your Own Ears who put us forward for the support slot. THANKS TOM! And of course, the ever hard-working Johnny Lynch! They’re big venues, so it’ll be quite a new experience for us, but we can’t wait!”

If the Ride shows are the band’s highest profile exposure to date, it’s fair to say that they are only the culmination of months of hard work.

“Since the show in November, we’ve released our second EP – ‘Dross’. We’ve made a music video for the second single of the EP, ‘That’s Right’, and we just finished a two week tour of the UK!”

Tuff Love have been fortunate in that, right from the start, they’ve been blessed with positive coverage and the duo confirm that the latest records have also been met with approval.

“We’ve had really good responses from people about the new stuff. We played a few shows on Record Store Day to celebrate Record Store Day and the split single we did with Lazy Day. I think a few people bought the record, so that’s a good sign :)”

That record came about as a consequence of the band’s networking with like-minded bands.

“We’d heard a few Lazy Day songs online and had asked them to play with us at the London launch for ‘Dross’. We’d had this song, ‘Groucho’ floating about for a while, and wanted to do something with it, so we thought it might be fun to do a one off single.

“We love Tilly’s songs so we asked her if she’d be up for releasing something with us. Thankfully she was!”

The recent English dates helped build the band’s ever growing following.

“The tour last month was ace. The shows were much busier than we expected – we didn’t really think people would come – and everyone was really nice. All the promoters were really great too, and we got to go to places we’d never been.”

The tour also offered an opportunity to see other bands around the country and Julie and Suse are enthusiastic about many of the bands that they played with

“We saw lots of great music during our last tour. A couple of the bands that come to mind are Jump the Shark who we played with in Birmingham and Belladonnas who we played with in Guildford.”

Tuff Love acoustic on RSD15

The duo reckon there’s a simple formula to getting the band noticed.

“Make as much music as possible and pester people to listen. Send emails! It’s really nice playing gigs where there’s a good atmosphere and they’re not necessarily the biggest ones or the ones where you get paid. So I suppose if people are enthusiastic about the music and they want to put on a show, then that’s a good start.”

The band performed acoustically on Record Store Day – which was initially something of a surprise to this listener given how energetic the live shows are. But it’s something Tuff Love would like to do more of in future.

“We love playing acoustic actually. It’s really nice playing quieter gigs occasionally. Especially because neither of us have particularly powerful voices so it’s a treat to be able to hear ourselves. “

If the next couple of weeks will be given over to live shows, the hard work will continue away from the public eye after that.

“We’re recording at the moment and we should have another release coming in the next few months.

“A debut album is coming. We’re writing songs pretty relentlessly, so it could happen at any time!”

Looking forward to the Dundee show, they’re clear on what the upcoming shows will deliver.

“People should expect fun, noise and awkward chat. And music!”


Tuff Love play Drouthy’s in Dundee, with support from Bruising, on Thursday 28th March in an MPT co-promoted gig with the Cool Cat Club. More info here. Advance tickets available from Groucho’s or online here.

The complete list of dates on the Scottish tour is:

Wednesday 27th – Edinburgh, Summerhall

Thursday 28th – Dundee, Drouthy’s

Friday 29th – Glasgow, The Glad Café (as part of GoldFlakePaint’s Suckerpunch Festival)

Saturday 30th – Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree

Here’s the video for the first track from the ‘Dross’ E.P.: