Rather improbably it seems that Mitchell Museum are back after a lengthy hiatus.

Last time the band were featured on MPT they were playing live again after a hiatus which included the departure of guitarist, Dougie.

Bursting with enthusiasm for a set of new songs (a live version of one of which can still be heard here), the band spoke to MPT about their plans. Six months later a download only E.P. (‘The Spanner Works‘) appeared. Then nothing. Not a peep.

Until last week when rather unexpectedly there was a reactivation of the MM Twitter account followed quickly by the release of a video for new song ‘Panic Pawn’ on Monday. Which you can see above.

I don’t think ‘Panic Pawn’ was in that set of songs from 2012 but it certainly fits with the less frantic, even slightly mournful tone of that material.

The good news is that the second Mitchell Museum LP, entitled ‘The Everett Trap’ is coming out later this year.

It’s great to have them back!