Flying In The Face of Fashion – Julian Cope videos

‘World Shut Your Mouth’ from the ‘Saint Julian’ LP

To mark last week’s Julian Cope show in York, here’s a handful of videos.

Above one of the hits which got a surprising acoustic outing last week.

Next a recent live version of the song that was stuck in my head for days after the York gig (with a good flavour of the live Cope experience):

‘They Were All On Hard Drugs’ (from the ‘Revolutionary Suicide’ album)

Another recent live tune at the Wickerman Festival last month from an LP which is about to be reissued:

‘Sunspots’ from the ‘Fried’ LP

And finally a fairly faithful cover of a tune from ‘Jehovahkill’ album:

‘Fear Loves This Place’ (cover) by Moondoggers