Since uncovering the double CD re-issue of ‘Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express’ in York the other week, I’ve been on a bit of a Go-Betweens kick, particularly the earlier albums.

The first Go-Betweens record I ever bought was the 7″ of ‘Part Company’. And for all the great songs I’ve heard since, I still think ‘Part Company’ is their best song.

The album version from ‘Spring Hill Fair’:

‘Part Company’ very much reminds me of a time when I was on the dole in the mid 80s and the highlight of the week was a trip to Stirling to pick up the latest ‘Melody Maker’ and visit a small indie record shop (wish I could remember the name) in the Stirling Arcade.

In fact I actually applied for a job in there but lost out to someone with more experience. And that was as close as I ever came to working in a record shop!

And a latter day acoustic version of the song together with a version of the other single from ‘Spring Hill Fair’: