You’ve Got To Find A Way – Memory Man E.P.


Memory Man – Lost Lovers E.P. (Black Ditto Recordings)

The cancellation of Friday’s Memory Man gig in Dunfermline might have denied me the chance to see the band live for the  first time but it at least gives me the chance to fill that “gap” in the MPT “schedule” with a look at their debut E.P. ‘Lost Lovers’, which comes on the quaint format of C.D.

Recorded by Andy Miller at Gargleblast Studios ‘Lost Lovers’, as you’d expect, has both clarity and power that serves the Glasgow band’s sound well..

It contains both of their download singles to date, the thoroughly excellent ‘Felix Baumgartner’ and ‘In Praha’, and hopefully you’ll be familiar with both. If not, it’s fair to say that the two songs match MPT’s notion of the ideal single, exciting rock music packed with hooks aplenty.

Part of MM’s appeal for me is Paul Mellon’s guitars and both singles showcase different aspects of that whether it be the Mascis-esque solo towards the end of ‘Felix’ or the muscular riff on ‘In Praha’.

But it gives an indication of the strength of the four songs on here that neither is the E.P.’s lead track. That honour instead falls to ‘Taking Back the Flag’ which does a good job of setting out the band’s stall.

Built around the sort of bassline that TOY might deploy ‘‘Taking Back the Flag’ is a clarion call to arms. It’s without question anthemic rock but at no point does it fall into the trap of sacrificing the song at the altar of rock bluster. Not a hip name to drop perhaps but TBTF reminds me a little of the best of the Armoury Show.


The other ‘new’ track “Theodore” is somewhat lighter in tone. The verse in particular reminds me of Boston’s 90 alt-rockers Big Dipper and would have fit rather neatly on their ‘Heavens’ LP.

In fact, all things considered, the Dipper are a pretty good fit for Memory Man. Both bands make literate, accessible rock and both have memorable tunes with broad appeal.

‘Lost Lovers’ may only just have arrived but I can’t wait to find out what comes next.

Here’s a reminder of the video for ‘In Praha’:

‘In Praha’ video and Memory Man photograph by Kris Boyle

‘Lost Lovers’ is available at discerning record shops, from the band’s Bandcamp and at their shows.

To support ‘Lost Lovers’ the band are out and about over the next couple of weeks:

  • Wednesday 16th September – Edinburgh, Electric Circus (with Haylee G, Devils In Skirts, Our Future Glory and Nipples of Venus)
  • Thursday 24th September – Perth, The Green Room (with Enemies of the State and Paradise Found)

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