A Fistful of Confetti – Wells and Moffat E.P.


The pressure was undoubtedly on Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat to follow-up the SAY Award winning ‘Everything Getting Older’. But with this year’s sophomore LP ‘The Most Important Place in The World’ they nailed that difficult second album in style. And following fairly quickly on the heels of ‘Most Important Place’ is a new five track E.P. released this week on Chemikal Underground.

Aidan has described the tunes as “far too cheerful to go on the albums” and even the most cursory of listens to the E.P. backs up that opinion.

Title track ‘DILF_77 Would Like To Chat’ sets out their stall in an upbeat manner. In fact ‘DILF’ is nothing less than their paean to 70s disco complete with an authentic, gorgeous horn part. Its witty lyrics describe not only with a mature night on the pull but at the same time pay tribute to (presumably) some of Aidan’s favourite disco classics.

‘Danse Profane’ continues affairs in jaunty mood, this gem of a pop tune detailing the giddiness of a morning after (possibly even after the same night in ‘DILF_77’) when everything is right in Aidan’s world. Think of this as Aidan’s ‘Singing In The Rain’ and you’ll be pretty much on the money.

‘Back To You’ is scratchy recording which sounds like it could date from the big band era of the 1930s and this lends a tale of a drunken late night return home a certain slapstick quality in the way that drunken late night returns tend towards farce.

‘Fuck The Sun’ is a lullaby to his baby daughter (of course it is!) which not only covers the here and now of looking after a bairn but also anticipates what it might be to be the father of a teenage daughter.

In conclusion ‘DILF_77’ doesn’t just demonstrate Bill and Aidan’s continuing versatility but also raises expectations as to just what else they might achieve when they do get back together again to record a third LP.

There’s a limited edition of the E.P. on CD which includes an exclusive extended mix of the lead track and another, brand new, exclusive track ‘Oh Sing A Happy Song!’. The CD is available only at gigs, independent record shops and online.

Bill and Aidan are nearing the end of a run of Scottish full band dates with shows this weekend in Dunfermline (Carnegie Hall) on Friday 16th and Stirling (Tolbooth) on Saturday 17th. Expect a review of Friday’s show over the weekend.

Here’s a chance to here the instant disco classic …