The Andy Williams Version – Vic Godard and Subway Sect live

  20151115_vicVic Godard & Subway Sect / STOOR /A Hooker Without Jesus – The Cool Cat Club @ Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Sunday 15th November 2015

A brief look back on a very enjoyable Sunday evening.

I’m no afficiando of Vic Godard and Subway Sect but every time I’ve seen them they’ve put on a good show. Sunday night was no exception.

Indeed it wasn’t far off being as good as the legendary Dexter’s show a few years back when it looked at one point as if Vic was going to play all night.

He didn’t play all night on Sunday but the show had a nice flow to it building from a gentler start towards more of the punk era songs at the end of the set. Things really kicked off with instrumental ‘Imbalance’ through ‘Stool Pigeon’ to a scalding ‘Ambition’ to finish.

The encore was brief but rewarding – the Andy Williams version of the opening song in the set (‘I’ll Find Out Over Time’) and a quick blast through ‘Chainsmokin’’.

It’s a show that makes me want to go out and expand my limited Vic Godard collection and that can’t be a bad thing.


Support came from STOOR who played some of the highlights from the debut LP and even three new songs, the pick of which was probably the snappily titled ‘New Instrumental’ with its three false endings.

Stef had invited everyone to dance at the start and, you know, I came damn close. Every bit as good they’d been at the album launch in May.


Andy Wood had opened the show in his Hooker Without Jesus guise offering only up his voice and his words. Sometimes these took the form of the words from Hookers for Jesus songs but there were a couple of new pieces thrown in.

The pieces are all impressively different in tone, but many are laced with humour. Although his set was mostly spoken word, Andy showed a lot of guts to sing an unaccompanied ‘Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste’ to close with.


  1. Andy Wood says:

    The song played in two different versions on Sunday is called ‘I’ll Find Out Over Time’. My fault for not replying to your text until today. I didn’t even notice you taking my photograph, you must be getting stealthy 🙂

  2. Chris Fox says:

    Andy, I think you should play Mike ‘T.R.O.U.B.L.E.’ and turn him into an aficionado! Or ‘Twenty Odd Years’. It’s so great that he’s got into this routine of Scottish and Dundee gigs, Vic is the best.

  3. Well, I did get ‘1979 Now!’ at the show so I think I may be getting into the groove!

  4. steamboatbill says:

    That’s a great one too!

  5. steamboatbill says:

    (Chris again btw, it seems to have labelled me with my alias for some reason.)

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