The second in the end of year review features an artist that Andy raved about (unsolicited, I may add). I’m suspecting that Lonelady’s “Hinterland” is going to top his particular end of the year list so, to celebrate, he caught up with Lonelady (aka Julie Campbell) to subject her to the MPT 2015 Inquisition …

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Well it’s gonna be the release of my second album, Hinterland. It’s been an (unintended) long gap between records and my second album was an absolute labour of love. To see it connect and make the impact it has on people has been extremely rewarding. I love this record (I think surely you have to dig your own music, don’t you?)

Favourite performance of the year?

So hard to narrow it down to one; the first two headline gigs I did after a long absence were memorable; Elektrowerkz, London and Soup Kitchen, Manchester; both were sold out and there was a palpable buzz in the room; we were nervous, but there was a lot of enthusiasm at those gigs; The Times gave Elektrowerkz a 5/5 live review. It was also the first two gigs Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire/Wrangler) opened with a Guest DJ set for LoneLady, and he continued to tour with us throughout the year.

Playing Sheffield Sensoria and the Barbican residency were also really special.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2015 you’d like to fix?

Its been an incredibly positive year for LL, I (almost) can’t complain about anything. A Mercury Nomination woulda been nice, because of the massive (and free) PR boost it woulda given me…I think we all have heard of Florence And The Machine?

What you gonna be doing next year?

New LL music!

Others’ Music

3 songs or LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2015?

Daniel Avery’s ‘Drone Logic’ has been fairly worn out in the tour van this year. I stumbled into his set back in February at the BBC6 music festival after my own set, and loved it immediately.

I’ve continued to listen a lot to Cabaret Voltaire’s back catalogue so almost any of their albums has been a constant on my ipod.

Most of my purchases this year have been dance or hip-hop oriented…Photek, Zebra Katz, Lee Gamble, Model 500, Daphni…

Best gig attended in 2015?

We played Glastonbury; it’s a real monster of a festival; I found it overwhelming. The thing that saved it for me was the Kanye West performance; the first 25 minutes or so of his set were perfect. The stage was barren and lit like a Samuel Beckett play; the lone figure of Kanye taking on the world was striking and brilliant. The Daniel Avery gig at the 6Music festival back in February was brilliant too. We played Sensoria this year with Factory Floor; they did a pummelling, relentless set in the picturesque, crumbling Abbeydale Picturehouse in Sheffield; it was great, I could’ve listened to it for hours. Okay that was 3 gigs.

Biggest surprise of 2015?

My ability to tour and not go mental.

Biggest letdown of 2015?

That I didn’t get that life-changing synch that would allow me to set up my own brilliant studio!

Who should we be looking out for in 2016?

Probably not me as I will be hiding and writing. I believe Vanishing’s new album ( new Manchester-based project by 3 people I know) will be brilliant. As will Wrangler ‘s new album (featuring Stephen Mallinder).

Anything and Everything

Event of 2015

Hinterland being released – I know, but it consumes/d me.

Lowpoint of 2015

The Paris Bataclan massacre; I think because it mirrored very closely my own life; a band I know was performing in Paris that night; it could have happened to us; it was very close to home and as a result I felt the horror of it more keenly.

Villain of 2015

Broadly, the government. Locally, the corporate decisions that make Manchester increasingly soulless and are turning it into citadel of converted apartment/retail developments.

Favourite book of 2015

Don’t think I’ve read a book that came out in 2015. The last, most recent book I bought was called ‘Ghost Seers, Detectives and Spiritualists’.

Favourite film of 2015

I’m terrible at seeing films in the cinema; I can’t stand the grazing, rustling and general movements/noises made by other people; as a result I suppose I often miss out on the big screen experience. The one film I did see was Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay, a film at the BFI, a great whistlestop exploration of ‘Industrial’ music.

Something to look forward to in 2016?

Writing music, editing film footage, enjoying things at my own pace, new experiences.

Thanks once again to Andy Wood for facilitating this piece. A couple of my own coming up – honest!