2015 Live

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Live Band of the Year – Mercury Rev

Unusual to make this award on the basis of just 1 gig but haven’t quite knowing what to expect from Mercury Rev in 2015 I was delighted to find that everything I loved about them as a live band was still present and correct including the psychedelic live freak-outs.

Coming close were Idlewild, Julian Cope and Book Group.

A Baker’s Dozen of the Best gigs

1. Mercury Rev / Nicole Atkins – The Art School, Glasgow – Friday 20th November

2. West End Festival All Dayer – featuring The Phantom Band, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, We Were Promised Jetpacks, RM Hubbert, Tuff Love, De Rosa and ULTRAS – Oran Mor, Glasgow – Sunday 21st June 2015

3. Book Group / digitalanalogue – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – Friday 5th June 2015

4. Spare Snare / Emma Pollock – D.C.A., Dundee – 5th September 2015

5. Wire / PINS – The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen – Sunday 26th April 2015

6. Julian Cope / Henry Raby – The Duchess, York – Sunday 2nd August 2015

7. Idlewild – Perth Concert Hall – Tuesday 24th November 2015

8. Ash / Hyena / The Bucky Rage – Liquid Room, Edinburgh – Tuesday 9th June 2015

9. Tuff Love / Bruising / A Hooker Without Jesus – Drouthy’s, Dundee – 28th May 2015

10. Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles XI – featuring Kid Canaveral, Bossy Love, De Rosa, Prehistoric Friends, Kathryn Joseph, ULTRAS and the Pictish Trail19th December 2015

11. The Cathode Ray / A Modern Masquerade – ‘Infinite Variety’ LP Launch – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – Thursday 14th May 2015

12. Randolph’s Leap’s I Can’t Dance To This Music 3 – CCA, Glasgow – Saturday 21st March 2015

13. STOOR – Drouthy’s Dundee – 23rd December

Last only because it’s the only gig this year that’s not had its own dedicated post. But STOOR were a ferocious live prescence throughout 2015 and this show, a large part of which was based on songs drawn from Santa’s hat (and one that was neither drawn from the hat nor rehearsed!) was probably the best. Although the album launch ran it close.

A few of photos from the show to prove that I was there:


20151223_stoor1 20151223_stoor2 20151223_21084820151223_stoor3

Gig stats

Over the last 12 months I saw 33 different shows comprising 89 performances (in whole or in part). As predicted 12 months ago, that represents a drop even on 2014’s attendance although a combination of ill health and the Forth Road Bridge closure meant that I messed out on a few shows at the end of the year in Edinburgh.

In the course of the last 12 months I saw 70 different (musical) acts perform seeing the following acts more than once:

Book Group – 5
De Rosa, Idlewild, STOOR, Tuff Love* – 3
The Cathode Ray*, A Hooker Without Jesus, The Phantom Band, Prehistoric Friends, ULTRAS, Vladimir, We Were Promised Jetpacks – 2
Bills Wells & Aidan Moffat – 1.25

*includes Record Store Day performance

The 33 shows took place in 22 different venues, 6 of which I visited for the first time (for gigs at least).

Venues which I visited more than once:

Beat Generator, Dundee 4; Summerhall, Edinburgh – 3; Buskers, Dundee; Drouthy’s, Dundee; Pilrig St Pauls Hall, Edinburgh; The Green Room, Perth 2.

I went to shows in the following towns/cities:

Edinburgh, Dundee – 10; Glasgow – 4; Perth – 3; Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Newport-on-Tay, York – 1