Looking Forward to 2016


Happy New Year everyone!

This year looks like it’s going to be a year that features a lot of my favourite artists releasing new albums. Anything quoted below is probably subject to change …

De Rosa – Weem (Rock Action – 22nd January) (Pre-Order)

Emma Pollock – In Search of Harperfield (Chemikal Underground – 29th January) (Preorder)

Tuff Love – Resort (Lost Map – 29th January)

Adam Stafford – Taser Revelations (Song, By Toad – 21st March)

Kristin Hersh – Wyatt at The Coyote Palace (April?)

Book Group – The Great Indoors (Spring)

Kid Canaveral – TBC (Lost Map – Spring?)

Malcolm Middleton – Summer of 13 (May) (Preorder)

Tanya Donelly – Swan Song Series (American Laundromat – 20 May) (Preorder)

Blue Aeroplanes – Welcome Stranger! (September?)

At time of writing there’s been no official confirmation but I’ve some reason to believe that most, if not all, of the following artists will also have new records out during 2016:

Bob Mould

The Paranoid Style

Randolph’s Leap




  1. JC says:

    That list is mouth-watering….

  2. JC says:

    PS : Happy New Year to you, the missus and the weans.

  3. JC says:


    Someone I know has been given an advance copy of the new Randolph Leap music and he’s been quite effusive about how good it is. It will be out at some point in 2016 seemingly on Olivegrove Records.

  4. Yeah and I think that there’s some form of Wire release due to mark the 40th anniversary.

    I saw that Lloyd said he was releasing a Leap album this year – was a wee bit surprised – would have thought that the full-on pop album would have been snapped up by Lost Map.

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