Previewing Saturday’s Supermoon debut performance in Dundee is a little tricky for a couple of reasons.

Firstly there’s not that much recorded material out there at the moment, just the ‘Oh! Supermoon Vol.1 ’ E.P. And secondly, frankly, because Supermoon (a.k.a. Neil Pennycook) seems be just as restless musically as he was in his last band – Meursault.

What we can tell you is that the set will likely comprise a) some songs from the E.P. b) some latter day (probably) unreleased Meursault material and c) some completely new stuff. Likely. Please note the use of the word ‘likely’.

Quite what these songs will sound like however is open to debate. The term “Murder Ballads” has been used to describe Supermoon and given that Neil has let slip that the debut Supermoon LP will be called ‘I Will Kill Again’, then that description may be apt. Or it may not be particularly since Meursault had, over a period of time, a habit of continually recasting their songs, from three very different albums remember.

So Saturday’s performance may not be predictable but part of the fun will be in seeing just how it all turns out.

Certainly it will be nothing less than intriguing but Neil’s history suggests that there’s a high probability that it will actually be quite special.

Supermoon support De Rosa on Saturday 23rd January at Beat Generator Live in Dundee. STOOR are also on the bill. Advance tickets (£6) are available in person from Groucho’s and online from We Got Tickets.