De Rosa/STOOR/Supermoon Gig Reflections and Photos


I’ve always said that the biggest hurt of a poorly attended gig isn’t the financial commitment but the feeling that you’ve let the bands down.

Last night’s show was the first time that that assertion was really put to the test. We were a little short of break even but nevertheless there was a respectable turnout for three brilliant acts. And that genuinely helps particularly when the audience was as enthusiastic but also as respectful as last night’s.


They came from near and far (Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Glenrothes and Perth at least from outwith the city) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Of course I’ll never be fully satisfied at anything less than a sell-out but avoiding that feeling of letting down the bands is a start and last night’s audience helped that.

The show wasn’t entirely without its gremlins, most notably for poor STOOR who managed to lose not one but two guitars towards the end of their set, but I don’t think it detracted from anyone’s enjoyment. Once all the acts were present it pretty much went smoothly.

stoor_230116_559So big thanks to De Rosa, Supermoon and STOOR for putting on a great show. Andy and I love all these acts and we always thought that it was a very strong bill.

Thanks too to Joe and Andy for making the bands sound great and to John at Beat Gen for his support.

There were a good few folk who (unsolicited) gave the show a lot of support on social media. Too many to mention individually but we know who you are.

The show was also a real MPT family affair with Mrs MPT providing the Manic Pop Catering and the MPKs on the door and on the merch stall.

MPT got left to provide the entire ‘between acts’ soundtrack and it went something like this …

The Clean – Fish

Wozniak – Snow Effect

Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

Robert Forster – Learn To Burn

Nap Eyes – Whine of the Mystic

Soccer Team – Nose To Chin

Low – The Innocents

Wire – Eardrum Buzz

FOUND – A Souvenir for Every Hope You Had

Kathryn Joseph – The Bird

Agnes Obel – Riverside

Bob Mould – Voices In My Head

Adam Stafford – Vanishing Tanks

Book Group – Victory Lap

Lonelady – Bunkerpop

Emma Pollock – Parks and Recreation

Bruising – Honey

Courtney Barnett – Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party

Blanck Mass – Dead Format

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – Danse Profane

The Blue Aeroplanes – My Old Haunts (Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood)

Belly – Superconnected

The Comsat Angels – (Do The) Empty House

Think the Chills and Mercury Rev must have been skipped. 😦

The Adam Stafford and Book Group tracks were not any form of accident – all will be revealed shortly!

More photos:

DR_230116_766 stoor_230116_524   supermoon_230116_510




  1. JC says:

    Well done Mike.

    I know these things are really stressful and I imagine that trying to do something in a city like Dundee which doesn’t have the overall population of the likes of Glasgow and Edinburgh is a real challenge.

  2. Thanks, Jim! It was good night.

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