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Singer/songwriter Kathryn Joseph has become the seventh winner of the annual BAMS Award (Scottish Bloggers and Music Sites) after her exquisite album “Bones You Have Thrown Me, And Blood I’ve Spilled” topped the poll.

“Bones You Have Thrown Me, And Blood I’ve Spilled” turned out to be a convincing winner after early challenges from C Duncan’s ‘Architect’ and Young Fathers’ ‘White Men Are Black Men’ although in the end both were pipped for second placed by Miaoux Miaoux’s ‘School Of Velocity’.

2013 winners Chvrches again had a strong showing finishing just behind the leading group in fifth.

In all 31 writers this year voted for 160 albums with 11 selecting Kathryn in their top 10s.

Although Scottish acts filled the BAMS’ top 5 slots the remainder of the top 10 was very much an international affair.

When contacted by the BAMS with news of her win, Kathryn was delighted.

kj2Kathryn, congratulations! bones you have thrown me blood I’ve spilled is the winner of the Scottish BAMS Award for 2015! How does it feel?

“It feels amazing! Thank you so much!”

Previous winners include the likes of The Twilight Sad, CHVRCHES, Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat. Good company to be in?

“Yeah the best company! I can’t believe I get to sneak in with my fellow bams!”

Last year was a really exciting year for you. As well as the BAMS award, your album was also the Scottish Album of the Year as well. What have been the highlights of 2015 for you?

“Pretty much every single gig we’ve played!

“The SAY Awards night was just the most beautiful ever. I keep saying even if we hadn’t won it would still have been the best night ever because it was just such a beautiful atmosphere and the dancing afterwards was great, and Halina from Podcart played the most amazing records. And Suzie from Happy Meals was dancing around our heads, it was amazing!

“But yeah it has honestly been the best year of my life. All of the things I’ve got to do, all of the people I’ve got to meet, and all of the other music I’ve got to hear. It’s been amazing. Even if nothing good happens this year I won’t mind because I have that.”

Speaking of that, what other music where you enjoying last year?

“Live wise my first obsession last year was Babe. I saw them firstly at GoldFlakePaint’s festival at Glad Cafe and just begged them to play at our single launch. They make a perfect and beautiful noise.

“Bossy Love also. Best live woman in the world. I’m going to say that now before anyone else does. She [Amandah Wilkinson] is incredible. They all are. They are just an incredible band, the atmosphere that they create and how they make other people feel is beautiful.

“And yeah A Mote of Dust is my most recent falling in love with something. The first two tracks of that album made me cry. It’s just perfect perfect beautiful music.

“There’s too many though. I could go on and on about all the people I’m in love with!”

Also on the BAMS list we had music from the likes of Miaoux Miaoux, Sufjan Stevens, Kendrick Lamar, C Duncan, CHVRCHES, Courtney Barnett. An amazing year for music wouldn’t you agree?

“Yeah, I mean Sufjan Stevens record is the most beautiful piece of music ever. For me that is the most beautiful record of last year.”

In regards to the album, when you finished recording it, did it match up to your expectations?

“I don’t think I had any expectations! I remember that moment of Marcus playing back what he’d done, and it just being like yeah ok that’s what I wanted it to sound like. But I still managed to convince myself that it wasn’t that great and then it took me another three years to think yeah maybe someone else would want to hear it.”

Obviously this is the Bloggers and Music Sites Award. How important to the success of the album have blogs and music sites been?

“Oh god, it’s massive. I mean that’s how anyone hears it or reads about it. At the very beginning to get any feedback at all is amazing. And then to realise that’s how other people discover it. And those are the people you want to like it and who matter.

“Weirdly for me, the people who did write about the record in the first place, and who did interview me in the first place, have ended up being some of my very best friends of this year. For me it’s been personally I’m so lucky to know these humans! And you are all amazing. And how much effort you put into listening and caring about it. It would be absolutely pointless if no one was going to listen and care about it.”

Now sadly our award doesn’t come with a £20,000 cheque, but you do get the infamous BAMS Award bottle of Buckfast. I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy 2016!

“Who needs money! No, thank you so much, and thank you to all the beautiful BAMS.”

The 2015 BAMS Top 20 in full:



No of votes
1 Kathryn Joseph Bones You Have Thrown Me, And Blood I’ve Spilled 193 11
2 Miaoux Miaoux School Of Velocity 138 10
3 C Duncan Architect 131 9
4 Young Fathers White Men Are Black Men 123 9
5 Chrvches Open Every Eye 101 7
6 Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell 99 6
7 Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly 96 6
8 Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit 78 5
9 Wolf Alice My Love Is Cool 78 5
10 Public Service Broadcasting The Race For Space 77 5
11 Belle & Sebastian Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance 72 5
12 Julia Holter Have You in My Wilderness 69 5
13 Best Girl Athlete Carve Every Word 64 4
14 Lonelady Hinterland 63 4
15 FFS FFS 60 4
16 Garden Of Elks A Distorted Sigh 56 4
17 CARBS Joyous Material Failure 56 3
19 Sleater-Kinney No Cities To Love 51 3
20 Prehistoric Friends Prehistoric Friends 50 3
  The Cathode Ray Infinite Variety 50 3

Just 3 of MPT’s votes made it into the Top 20 (18 STOOR, 19 Sleater-Kinney and 20= The Cathode  Ray) although Andy’s top LP ‘Hinterland’ by Lonelady made it in at 14.

BAMS Facts

In 2015:

31 writers voted for 160 albums (6 less voters than 2014 and 32 fewer albums!)

56 albums received more than 1 vote (53 in 2014).

23 different albums received first preference votes (27 in 2014)

7 albums received multiple first preference votes in 2014 (compared to 10 in 2014):

Kathryn Joseph (3), Miaoux Miaoux, C Duncan, Sufjan Stevens, CARBS, Sleater-Kinney, Trust Fund (2)

The highest placed album without a first preference vote was #4 – Young Fathers – White Men Are Black Men .

6 albums with first preference votes didn’t receive any other votes (11 in 2014) .

Previous BAMS winners:

2009 – The Phantom Band – ‘The Wants’
2010 – The National – ‘High Violet’
2011 – Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – ‘Everyone’s Getting Older’
2012 – Meursault – ‘Something for the Weakened’
2013 – CHVRCHES – ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’
2014 – The Twilight Sad – ‘Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave’

The 2015 BAMS were:

Scottish Fiction, Jim Gellatly, Almost Predictable Almost, Vic Galloway, The Spill, For Malcontents, Netsounds , Is This Music?, Manic Pop Thrills, Last Year’s Girl, Tenement TV, 17 Seconds, Alan Morrison , Houdidontblog, Post Nothing, Glasgow Podcart, Everything Flows, Avalanche, The Skinny, Alive & Amplified, Jock’n’roll, Ski Pie Rage, Local Music Scene, Get Music, Ravechild,and The (New) Vinyl Villain.

The 2015 BAMS were brought to you by Mike (Manic Pop Thrills), Neil (Scottish Fiction), Jamie (Netsounds Unsigned), Al (Houdidont), Stuart (Is This Music?) and Lloyd (Honorary Head BAM).

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