Well, here’s a flimsy excuse for a post …

We’ve been watching the French political drama ‘Les Hommes de l’ombre’ (‘Spin’ in the UK) recently and one of the characters in the first series is called Valentine.

And it IS actually Valentine’s Day today (not that myself nor Mrs MPT have ever really bothered about that.)

Anyhow all that got me thinking about the Big Sleep track ‘Valentine’ from MPT’s LP of 2012 ‘Nature Experiments’:

Then I started wondering when (or possibly even if) a new Big Sleep LP might appear since it’s been nearly four years since ‘Nature Experiments’ (and Danny from the band told MPT back in 2012 that he was hoping to do TBSIV quite quickly).

Slightly worryingly a post on their Facebook suggested that their last gig (in March last year) might actually be their last. I really hope not and here’s another reason why – the other single from ‘Nature Experiments’: