And When The Demon Stands So Tall – Adam Stafford LP review

stafford_070613_604sTaser Revelations – Adam Stafford (Song, By Toad)

It’s no secret that MPT loves Adam Stafford – he produced my LP of the year in 2013 (‘Imaginary Walls Collapse’) and then my single of the year in 2015 (for ‘Atheist Money’).

So it’s fair to say his latest album ‘Taser Revelations’ (out on Song, By Toad on Friday 11th) has been long awaited in these parts.

Stripped back to its constituent parts ‘Taser Revelations’ sounds like it should be an unlikely concoction. I mean I can hear hints of post punk, lo-fi dance and particularly soul music on the album all shot through with shards of metallic guitar.

Logic demands that the disparate strands should be pulling in different directions and that this mix of styles shouldn’t, no, won’t work. Yet remarkably Adam manages to pull everything together in a glorious, unexpectedly coherent whole.

Within its distinctive identity, the record veers between the accessible and the challenging. The former is represented by the likes of opening track ‘Let A Little Love Inside’, another classic Stafford pop tune which features a ‘woo-woo’ sound that wouldn’t have been out of place on a 70s disco record. At the other end of the spectrum ‘Railway Trespassers’ is a more challenging listen perhaps a bit like Public Service Broadcasting if they were influenced by early dEUS.

‘Taser Revelations’ certainly isn’t lacking in hooks but equally is future proofed for repeated plays by dint of never taking the easy option. And it’s the dynamic between these contrasting impulses that makes ‘Taser Revelations’ (and Adam’s work in general) so appealing to me.

On this evidence I suspect that Mr Stafford is, once again, going to feature very highly in MPT’s end of year list.

Adam supports the record with shows at:

Friday 11th March: Summerhall, Edinburgh, The Dissection Room w/Robbie Lesiuk & Withered Hand (Solo)

Thursday 17th March: Mad Hatters, Inverness (CANCELLED 16/3)

Saturday 19th March: Aberdeen, Downstairs, w/Robbie Lesiuk & Special Guests

Sunday 20th March: Glasgow, The Hug & Pint w/Robbie Lesiuk, WOLF (Kim Moore) and The Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo.

A show in Aviemore on 18th March has been cancelled due to flooding.

I’m also delighted to be able to tell you that Adam will be making his Cool Cat Club debut at Beat Generator Live in Dundee on Saturday 21st May in a co-headline show with the mighty Book Group. More info here.