straitjacketfitsRoughly 20 years ago we got burgled whilst we were sleeping upstairs.

It shows you how long ago it was that the thieves thought it was worth stealing CDs.

Of course they were liable to be rather flummoxed by what they found in my racks so whilst all Mrs MPT’s CDs got lifted they only took a portion of mine roughly from N-S presumably because there were better known bands in there.

Instead of getting cash, we had to replace the CDs and inevitably some were out of print most notably a Dutch version of ‘Trompe Le Monde’ with 4 live tracks  (although the tracks did appear as the bonus disc on the ‘Death to the Pixies’ compilation). ‘Jetset Trash and No Star’ also went and although it’s become available since frankly I’ve never bothered to replace it.

One thing I did want to replace but was never able to was ‘Hail’ by New Zealand band Straitjacket Fits. Or at least not up until the other week when Avalanche Records discovered a  stash of Flying Nun albums squirrelled away – including ‘Hail’.

So it was quickly purchased and then listened to and, you know what, it doesn’t sound quite like the same record. In fact, I’m not sure I like it all.

So I’ll need to give it a few more plays but whilst I do here’s a couple of the tracks I definitely do still like: