This Is Only Going to Get Louder – STOOR/The Cathode Ray live

20160326_stoor2STOOR / The Cathode Ray – Basic Mountain, Edinburgh – Saturday 26th March 2016

Frustrated by the difficulties of getting someone else to put them on in Edinburgh, STOOR took matters into their own hands and put on Saturday night’s show all by themselves. A little bit of MPT band matchmaking later and I had the chance to see two of my favourite bands playing decent length sets in the one go.

The venue was something of an unusual one. The front door looked like the door to a domestic property and it was only by following the noise up a turning staircase that you entered a very attractive arts space which apparently had never before hosted a rock show.

Although it’s a comparatively small room it has a high ceiling and with a PA brought in for the show the sound had something of a wild edge. Which is not necessarily a bad thing – so long as it doesn’t go too far.


First up were the home team and the Cathode Ray weren’t troubled by any sound problems.Certainly there was quite a lot of Steve’s guitar in the mix but never to the detriment of Jeremy’s vocals.

The set lent slightly more on the debut than on last year’s ‘Infinite Variety’. Which meant that there were plenty of old favourites on offer including a scorching version of ‘Train’.

Of the newer stuff ‘This Force of Nature’ made its long overdue live debut whilst ‘It Takes One To Know One‘, the Ray’s new contribution to the Sound of Stereogram’ compilation, also got an impressive outing.

It’s when you consider what they didn’t play that you realise just how many great songs they have. And MPT acknowledges that they can’t play everything in 50 minutes but, still, a point deducted for not playing ‘Saving Grace’. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable! 😉

I can’t really leave this performance though without referring to the, um, dancers (two couples) who turned up midway through the set and threw themselves about with some abandon. One woman in particular seemed particularly out of it and at every opportunity seemed determined to take the stage to take the mic in the way that a toddler might. It was a little bit bizarre to say the least.

The Cathode Ray played:

  1. Lost & Found 2. Resist 3. Slipping Away  4. It Takes One To Know One  5. Backed Up  6. Train  7. The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul 8. Around  9. This Force of Nature  10. Get A Way  11. What’s It All About?

Like the Cathode Ray, STOOR’s set demonstrated just how many great songs they have with the set showcasing not just highlights from the album but also old and new tunes.

In those two categories highlights included the revived ‘Johnny Appleseed’ and the completely new ‘Atrocities’ whilst ‘Frack’ remains a particular favourite of mine. Along with, to be fair, pretty much everything else.

Scott’s spent most of the intervening days since the show apologising for how loud it was and to be fair it was probably the loudest STOOR show I’ve seen. Yet, as you might expect if you’ve heard the LP, that wild edge suited them especially well and it was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen them do.

STOOR played:

1.March of the Molluscs  2. Aye No  3. Liberator  4. Hold That Thought   5. Johnny Appleseed 6. Frack  7. Atrocities  8. The Dig  9. Theme from STOOR  10. Infect Me  10. Witchfinder 11. Sure Beats Me

All going to plan the rematch will take place some time in the autumn in Dundee.