wussy-spin2Short then long? I lied about that the other day cos this is going to snappy.

With a large emusic credit to spend I resorted to an old stand-by – picking a band that I’d never heard of that are playing with a band I love.

So when the Paranoid Style announced that they were playing teh opening date of Wussy‘s U.S. tour, that seemed like an invite.

‘Forever Sounds’ out earlier in March is the sixth Wussy album and it’s a good ‘un.

I confess that I’ve been distracted by the new Bob Mould LP in recent days but I’ll get back to ‘Forever Sounds’ shortly. In the meantime I was delighted to discover that Wussy will be in Scotland in May – with a show at the Electric Circus on Saturday 7th. (Tickets here)

It’s a show I’m very tempted by and I imagine that they’ll be playing the likes of this rather fine song which is the opening track on the new record: