Get The Mix Right – Atom Tan interview

atomtanSt Andrews band Atom Tan seem to be starting to build up an impressive CV of bands they’ve supported. After opening for Big County in Dundee in 2014 they bring their set to Beat Generator Live on Friday in support of the Filthy Tongues.

Tom from the band spoke to MPT about their progress to date.

Q: Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us a how you came to be in a band?

A: “Atom Tan formed as a band in 2013 with members Tommy Taylor (Johnny Thunder) Singer/Bass, Thomas Paul Hendrix Taylor, Guitarist and Leslie Whittaker, Drummer. I formed the band with family member Tommy Taylor and found Les over the internet to finish the line-up.”

Q:Why did you choose the name Atom Tan? What inspired it?

A: “Atom Tan refers to the nuclear tests done in the 1950’s where people would stand and watch getting an Atom Tan. As well as being inspired by The Clash song Atom Tan.”

Q: What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

A: “Our influences are anything from rock/punk/blues etc to things like old Hammer horror films or books like 1984. Each of us can draw from the things we love to enjoy music, art and literature.”

Q: How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to hear it?

A: “I would describe our  music as Rock/Punk rather that Punk/Rock as we start with a rock foundation then twist it up and turn in on its head with a punk influence. Although not all are songs are like this the ones that get the mix right are unique to the band.”

Q: To date, what has been the best moment about being in Atom Tan?

A: “One of the best moments was the first gig at Fat Sam’s Dundee playing to a sold out crowd. We were all very nervous being the first time we had aired these songs but it went down really well, people where singing along. Coming off stage we were all on this huge high.

“For me it was the feeling of taking these songs that had been written in my small flat, and heard by I think one or two people living there, to getting that big crowd reaction to what you have created. It seemed to legitimise in some way what we were doing.”

Q: And the worst / most awkward?

A: “Most awkward was when we were starting out. We got invited by this blues band to play and we turned up and the manager had no idea who we were and what was happening. He wasn’t happy to say the least and we thought we were going to get told to pack our stuff and go.

“But the band arrived and assured us it was fine so we went on. But they didn’t open the doors to the public so there was only the band and the manager watching us and the manager was still unhappy. I remember it was the height of summer and I was sweating on stage so much I could hardly play. Adding to that I was really nervous due to the situation and we just played three songs then left. It was definitely a learning experience. lol.”
Q: If you could organise and play your ideal gig who would play and where would it be held? (Time, finance and mortality need be no barriers).

A: “Ideal gig would be to play in space. I definitely think in the near future we will get commercial space flight and there is also news about a space port being built in Leuchars so you just never know. Also our singer likes all the flat earth theory that’s being going about – it could settle are debate on the matter!”

Q: What would you like to achieve as a band?

A: “As a band we would love to record a solid album but ‘ it’s more about experiences and personal achievements for example playing with exciting bands or bands we grew up with and love and I definitely think we’re doing that. We always said as long as we enjoy it and it’s fun then we will continue when it’s not fun anymore then we will stop.”

Q:What are your plans for the coming months?

A: “For the upcoming months it’s more new songs, getting a stage show together as well as an EP and merch we can sell at gigs. And playing more gigs with exciting bands at cool venues.”

Atom Tan support the Filthy Tongues this Friday (15th) at Beat Generator Live in Dundee. Doors are at 8 pm.

Advance tickets are still available from Groucho’s and online from We Got Tickets for £9 stbf. Tickets on the door are £12.