Belated Filthy postscript


A few belated thoughts on last Friday night’s show which turned out to be a success on all fronts with both a decent turnout and most importantly some great music.

As we expected the Filthy Tongues were brilliant right from the opening ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. The set mixed songs from the new record with older material stretching as far back as Goodbye Mr McKenzie.

Standouts from the new album included an extended ‘High’ and ‘Long Time Dead’ as well as a fierce ‘Crewcut’. Of the older songs, well, they were pretty much all great.

I’ve not seen them for several years but on this evidence, I fully intend that it won’t be several years before I see them again.

Atom Tan were pretty much an unknown quantity before the show but their entertaining set turned out to be not that far off the rockier side of Ash. And in Tommy junior they’ve got a guitarist of not inconsiderable ability.

In between the two acts Andy delivered a short set of spoken word, largely based on Hookers for Jesus lyrics. I actually thought it worked well even if it perhaps wrong footed some in the audience.

Both bands were a pleasure to deal with and it was nice to be able to pay them a bit more than we’d agreed. And that was all down to the turnout so, finally, a big thanks to those who came from far and wide for the show.

Photos from the show are available courtesy of Paul Barclay and Kenneth Baird (The Filthy Tongues and Atom Tan).

The following snaps are all mine: