Create More NOISE ! – Tongue Trap interview

Tongue Trap by Rachel O'Donnell

Tongue Trap are an Edinburgh based trio who have been together for about a year after meeting at the Girls Rock School in Edinburgh, which was set up to encourage more young women to form bands and become involved in music (writes Andy Wood).

Despite the short time they have been together, Kim, Emma and Sam have quickly developed their own sound and played a growing number of gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Now with the assistance of Sarah and Simon, part of The Cool Cat Club and Manic Pop Thrills favourites, Wozniak, they are recording some songs for a debut E.P. to be released in the coming months.

To date I’ve only heard live recordings of Tongue Trap but am hooked. Songs such as ‘Breath’, ‘Taco Tuesday’, ‘Celery’ and ‘Period Pants’ draw on the influence of Riot Grrrl with a raw, Garage-Punk influence of their own with cool melodies, noisy riffs and great, intertwined vocals.

There’s a rough, scuzzy edge to their sound, full of energy and fun and I can’t wait to see them live for the first time next month.

Ahead of Tongue Trap’s debut visit to The Cool Cat Club, Sam from the band kindly answered some questions for you.

Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us how you came to be Tongue Trap?

“We are a female trio based in Edinburgh. We are all Girl Rock School (Edinburgh) graduates, the guitar tutor Caro put us in contact with each other and insisted we play at a gig they organised for bands formed through GRS. We caught the bug and we have been writing and playing shows almost non-stop since!”

What inspired / influenced your choice of band name?

“Our band name is a euphemism for a certain area of the female anatomy. Inspiration has come from the Riot Grrrl scene.”

What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

“As a band we really do have a broad range of musical influences, Emma and Kim are very punk, grunge and Riot Grrrl scene orientated and I’m very much connected with the indie and dance music from my hometown of Manchester.

“We all have an affinity towards female groups or female fronted groups as a source of inspiration. At the moment we are really feeling the vibes of Tacocat, Van T’s, Warpaint and Savages.”

What has been the best thing about being in Tongue Trap so far?

“Getting signed to Edinburgh based Morningside Young Team Records after playing 2 gigs! That came out of nowhere for us and we have formed an excellent working relationship with them. It has given us so much motivation to push forward and enjoy the experience of being in a band.

“Also, the music community in Edinburgh and Glasgow have been really supportive in asking us to play at their events and that has been fantastic exposure for us!”

And the worst or most awkward?

“It is yet to happen…watch this space!”

I believe you have recently recorded some songs with a view to a debut release. Tell us a bit more about this.

“Yes, we have decided on which tracks to put forward and are just putting the finishing touches to our debut EP due to be released Summer 2016. We have had great support from Sarah and Simon from the label to ensure that our sound is exactly how we want it be.  For our first studio recording experience, it has been awesome!”

What are your ambitions as Tongue Trap?

“We look forward to releasing our debut EP and a single with MYT in the near future. We also want to work towards doing a tour and playing at festivals.

“We are developing our sound as musicians and every event we play is helping us to become more accomplished. So we want to utilise what we are learning and continue to create more NOISE!”

If you could put together a gig or festival of your own, mortality, money and location being no barriers, who would you choose to play and where would you hold it?

“We would have a free outdoor venue in a warm climate with no risk of rain and plenty of bevvy! We would invite all of our pals to come and join us celebrate music! We would have Grimes, Bikini Kill, Patti Smith, Fanny, Oasis, The Verve and A Guy Called Gerald play there.”

What are your plans for the coming months?

“REALLY looking forward to supporting Seattle’s finest Tacocat as part of their US and European Tour at Electric Circus in Edinburgh and supporting Glasgow’s amazing Van T’s in Dundee next month.

“Beyond that, we are working on new material and excited to share the information with you all about our EP launch in Edinburgh!”

What question would you most like to be asked?

“Tell us more about Girls Rock School!”

Anything else that you would like to add?

“GRS Edinburgh is invaluable for helping women get into music. They’re all so passionate about getting more women into music, we thought being in a band was something we could never do, but they pushed us to step out of our comfort zones and showed us it is possible!”

Here’s a live video of the band performing:

Tongue Trap support the Van Ts at Beat Generator Live in Dundee on Sunday 8th May as part of a Cool Cat Club bill which also features Joshua Gray. More info on the show here – advance tickets available from Groucho’s and online.