DR_130516_3809sDe Rosa – Songs From Summerlee – Summerlee Industrial Museum – Friday 13th May 2016

Last night’s show was a special occasion in a special venue as De Rosa performed 5 new songs inspired by Lanarkshire’s industrial heritage.

The combination of the unique setting and the chance to hear a set of largely new tunes inspired by the collection and artefacts  at the museum were big draws.

As a venue Summerlee offered the unusual experience of being able to wander around taking in the displays before the show but for those who could tear themselves away from the exhibits the Croy Silver Band offered a support set of brass band versions of a mixture of Bond themes, Elvis tunes and even ‘Pinball Wizard’.

But most folk were here for De Rosa and they were rewarded with an intriguing mix of old and new.

The centrepiece of the show was of course the specially written songs of which there were 5 most including a fair degree of acoustic material although the band were also joined throughout by Gav from Towers on second guitar.


Of the new songs ‘Vulcan’ was a largely introspective opener whilst in contrast ‘Heart of Coal’ was probably the most upbeat song, even if it was delivered by Martin solo (complete with harmonica).

Both ‘Low Row’ and closing tune ‘The Lord’ evoked memories of Low’s quiet/loud dynamic whilst the set also featured a couple of appropriate numbers from ‘Mend’, an almost entirely acoustic ‘Hattonrigg Pit Disaster’ as well as current set mainstay ‘The Engineer’.

After a short interval the band returned after the main set for a handful of additional tunes including a storming ‘Spectres’ and a ferocious ‘Cathkin Braes’ to finish.

It’s not often you get the chance to see one of your favourite bands move on so quickly from their latest record and whilst I’m sure that De Rosa will return to promoting ‘Weem’ in the rest of the year, last night offered a look at what might come next.

DR_130516_3789sDe Rosa played:

1. Vulcan 2. Hattonrigg Pit Disaster 3. Low Row 4. Whispering Way 5. Heart of Coal 6. Engineer 7. The Lord

8. New Lanark 9. Spectres 10. Cathkin Braes

More photos from the show here.