Book Group

Some belated reflections on Saturday’s show which, as pretty much seems to always be the case, was a mixed bag.

On stage, the show was absolutely terrific. Book Group and Adam Stafford are known quantities in these parts and were every bit as good as we’d expected.

We also came up trumps with Hans Klammer whose opening set was very impressive. I’m looking forward to catching these guys again, hopefully before too long.

as_21052016_24bwsAdam Stafford

The biggest problem off stage was the turn-out – not at all what we’d hoped for, particularly after a couple of respectable shows.

It’s nothing new, of course, but after a couple of encouraging shows this one felt like more of a setback than normal.

No reflection on the artists at all who are all fine people and we’re grateful to them for playing the show – and playing so well.

hk_210516_947bwsHans Klammer

Back at Beat Generataor tomorrow for the Malcolm Middleton show which a) should be great, and b) won’t involve the stress of worrying about people not turning out!