The Keys to the Happiness Palace – Kid Canaveral and Tanat live

20160528_kidc2Kid Canaveral / Tanat – The Hug and Pint, Glasgow – Saturday 28th May 2016

Our rock’n’roll weekend started with a rare opportunity to catch Kid Canaveral live. OK, that ‘rare’ bit is strictly speaking not true but the proximity of this show to Sunday night’s Robert Forster show created an opportunity for a mini-break in Glasgow to catch some great music. And the show had become even more attractive when the support was announced a few weeks back.

That support was Tanat -the current trading name of Sarah Tanat-Jones – the former singer/drummer with Come On Gang! and the artist formerly known as Synaesthete. Saturday’s show was not just her first anywhere in some time but also her first since relocating to Glasgow.

We were treated to a set dipping into not just the debut E.P. and the album ‘Array’ but, most excitingly of all, some new tunes.

Adding live vocals and drumming to backing tracks sounds far less impressive in theory it actually is in person. And it was an exhilirating set that generated not just dancing but even some audience participation.

Hopefully we’ll get more opportunities to see Tanat delivering her heady mix of hooks and percussion again in the near future.

20160528_tanat1Which set the scene nicely for the headliners fresh (more or less) off a slow boat from the previous night’s gig in Mull.

Whereas ahead of the second album the band had plunged straight into playing a good chunk of the new songs, this time around they’ve been slightly more reticent about releasing tracks from third LP ‘Faulty Inner Dialogue’ into the wild.

But on this short tour to promote new single ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ they upped the quota of new songs from the handful played last year to seven in total on Saturday night.

It was genuinely exciting to hear so much new material in the one go and a great advert for that forthcoming album.

Whilst fitting seamlessly into the set, the new songs nevertheless are no re-treads of past glories with an electronic heartbeat running through much of the material.

Most impressive of the lot (at this stage at least) is the epic ‘Lives Never Lived’  a close cousin of set closer ‘A Compromise’.

Single ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ may not be as obvious on first listen as some of their previous singles but it’s undoubtedly a grower and sonically something of a bridge between the likes of ‘The Wrench’ and ‘A Compromise’.

Interestingly too on the evidence of both ‘Callous Parting Gift’ and ‘Listen To Me’  Kate seems to be writing the most obvious pop songs of the current  batch.

Having reached, and featured, album number three inevitably there was plenty of older material which couldn’t find a place in the set. But what did was great.

20160528_kidc1Most notably Saturday’s version of ‘Skeletons’ was perhaps the noisiest version of the song I’ve heard whilst the first LP was represented by old favourites ‘And Another Thing!!’ and ‘Good Morning’. The band even fitted in a rare encore and chose to go with ‘Her Hair Hangs Down’ although Kate’s omission from participation attracted an ill advised comment from Scott!

Fair to say we loved the show and are eagerly looking forward to the LP launch at Summerhall at the end of July.

It was our first visit to the Hug and Pint and it seems to be the latest in a long line of basement rooms in Glasgow venues.

Compared to say the former Captain’s Rest, it’s a slightly awkward shape with one half of the PA to the far side of one of the pillars in front of the stage. But, at least on Saturday’s evidence, it didn’t have a noticeable impact on the show’s sound.

Kid Canaveral played:

1 Pale White Flower  2 The Wrench  3 Listen To Me  4 First We Take Dumbarton  5 Who Would Want To Be Loved?  6 Callous Parting Gift   7 Lives Never Lived   8 Gun Faireachadh   9 And Another Thing!!   10 Good Morning  11 Low Winter Sun   12 Skeletons  13 Reel  14 A Compromise


15  Her Hair Hangs Down




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