Places I Could Never Imagine – Fazerdaze interview

fazerdaze2016_1240After promoting the Tuff Love/Bruising show a year ago I stumbled across Fazerdaze’s track ‘Zero’ on the Beech Coma Vol. 3 compilation that also featured Bruising’s ‘Can’t You Feel’.

Tracking down the ‘Fazerdaze’ E.P (which got a quick mention here) I was really impressed that the rest of the E.P. lived up to the high standards set by ‘Zero’.

But because Fazerdaze are actually from New Zealand, I kind of figured that the chances of ever seeing them live were, well, zero.

Except, by a strange twist of fate, I’m shortly out to see them playing Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh this evening (Wednesday 8th) supporting Big Deal.

Ahead of the show Amelia from Fazerdaze answered a few questions from MPT:

Who are Fazerdaze at the moment?

“It’s me (Amelia) and my friends Mark Perkins (guitar, synth), Elliot Francis (drums) and Ben Locke (bass).”

I’ve seen Fazerdaze described as your bedroom project – how did it move from that to a band that’s capable of touring the UK?

“I’m not really sure! I guess these recordings I made from my bedroom and released on the internet have found their way to places I could never imagine. Like the UK.

I have slowly been working on a live set with my friends alongside writing and recording.”

How would you describe Fazerdaze to someone who has never heard you?

“Dreamy, melancholic bedroom pop.”

You released a single ‘Little Uneasy’ from the debut LP at the end of last year – when will the album be out? Who will be releasing the record?

“The album will be out by the end of the year. I’m excited who I’ll be releasing with but I haven’t signed anything just yet so don’t want to say. It’s quite complicated with contracts etc. and very tempting to bypass it all and just upload the thing onto Bandcamp.”

I first came across you via finding ‘Zero’ on the Beech Coma compilation Vol 3. How did that hook-up come about?

“Harry, who runs Beech Coma, found my song on Soundcloud and emailed me. I really liked the look and sound of his label and the idea of being on a cassette with a bunch of other unsigned bedroom artists so I agreed.

“I remember thinking Harry seemed so far away in London, but now I’m over here and I think we are going to meet up!”

How important is the internet in reaching people who might like the band and how do you avoid getting lost in the sea of music out there?

“It is pretty important for us, it’s how we have managed to get this far without a label. Though, I’m not really sure how you avoid getting lost, there is a lot of music out there.

“I suppose you just do your thing, and do it very clearly and intentionally and hopefully people who are into what you’re doing will be drawn to it.”

How does a band without an album out manage to come over and play shows in the UK/Europe?

“I wish I knew the answer to this but I don’t!”

Back in the 80s/90s a number of Southern Hemisphere bands relocated to the UK to try and make it. How possible would it be for a band like Fazerdaze to do that in this day and age?

“Definitely possible. We have friends who are doing that exact thing though, the day to day life sounds a bit tougher than in New Zealand.”

“Just spending a few days in London gave me a taste of how expensive and tight on space it all is. Though Auckland can be hard in its own way too.”

How did you get lined up to tour with Big Deal? Have you anything else lined up when you’re over?

“Our UK booking agent, Chris (who is amazing), hooked it up for us. At this stage, we are only playing the 12 shows but that is quite a lot for us. In New Zealand, it’s quite hard to play that many in a row because of the small population and vast distances between the cities.”

Who’s been the biggest influence on the band so far?

“I think opening for Unknown Mortal Orchestra and seeing them play six times in a row was pretty inspiring for us. They set the standard so high on how good a band can be.”

What’s the music scene in Auckland like?

“I don’t really know anything else but I think it’s pretty fantastic. It feels like there are lots of cool shows on and the quality and standard of music is really high. Bands/artists here seem to do their own thing rather than just do what’s ‘cool’.”

What other bands are worth checking out from New Zealand?

“Kane Strang, Doprah, Tom Lark, Mermaidens, Astro Children, The Beths, Merk, Miss June, Street Chant, Soccer Practise, Aporia.”

What do you know about Scotland and Scottish bands?

“Not a lot sorry but last night we played with two really good Glasgow artists Shanine Gallagher and The Twistettes at King Tut’s, both of which were amazing and so lovely in person!

“Tonight we are playing Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh with Joshua Gray, I’m looking forward to it!”

After the Edinburgh Amelia and Fazerdaze have the following dates with Big Deal:

Jun 9 Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Jun 10 The Bullingdon, Oxford
Jun 11 The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Jun 13 The Boileroom, Surrey
Jun 14 Joiners, Southampton
Jun 15 Oslo, London
Jun 17 The Winchester, Bournemouth
Jun 18 The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Jun 19 The Louisiana, Bristol

Thanks to Amelia for taking the time out from setting up the tour to answer these questions.

Look out for a review of the show in the next couple of days.

In the meantime here’s the video for ‘Little Uneasy’: