Could Have Cried All Day – Sophia video


Off to see Mercury Rev tomorrow night so in an attempt to get my batting average up a little here’s a track from the new Sophia album:

I confess I was a little disappointed in the last Sophia album ‘There Are No Goodbyes’ – although that may simply have been my own fault down to a lack of listening time as it was washed away in a flood of music.

Yet, despite arriving in the midst of a crowded schedule of new 2016 releases, the new album ‘As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours)’ hasn’t suffered the same fate. Not at all.  On the contrary it’s been demanding (and receiving) regular and due attention.

‘Resisting’ is probably the album’s rockiest moment as much of the rest follows a more restrained template. Yet it doesn’t matter much as the beauty can be found in every track and ‘California’ is a cracking pop tune in any idiom.

Even in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago a copy of the CD proved a little tricky to track down but I did get it in the end and I’d heartily recommend that you do the same.

Photo by Philip Lethen




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  1. This is a really good track, seemed to get into Betty’s inbox via Twitter – I write for as Betty Mayonnaise, mainly gig reviews as only you and Ravechild seems to review anything much of the daily great shows, mainstream media pretty lacking with The Skinny being about the only one and that is one month later usually. hope you enjoy The Rev, Betty was obsessed for a while in the late 90s and saw a couple of shows, Garage one and Barras if i recall, hope it is good. Off to Art school Thurs for St Et and Pastels, will try to tweet but old fash review is what come naturally – no money though, just love it! Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 20:22:33 +0000 To:

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