No Matter Who You Are – 50 Foot Wave E.P.


I may try and sit down on what’s been a pretty exceptional 6 months record wise but it would certainly be wrong to let the recently released 50 Foot Wave E.P. ‘Bath White’ pass without comment.

50 Foot Wave is probably Kristin Hersh’s least well known project and was formed as an outlet for her noisier material following the self-titled ‘Throwing Muses’ album in 2003. Indeed 50 Foot Wave seemed a logical progression from that album.

Originally conceived as a touring band, making  E.P.s rather than  albums, 50 Foot Wave has slipped a little off the radar in recent years despite the occasional wonderful E.P.. such as ‘Power + Light’ and ‘With Love From The Men’s Room’.

In fact ‘Bath White’ is the first new 50 Foot Wave record since ‘With Love’ in 5 years although Kristin’s subscribers first heard early versions of some of the material as far back as 2012.

‘Bath White’ comprises 6 abrasive tracks featuring Kristin’s stop/start style of songwriting. Which isn’t to say that it’s lacking in melody in any way but it’s definitely a far more intense listen than the Muses’ last record ‘Purgatory/Paradise’.

Here’s a chance to hear the  E.P. :

2016 looks like being a red letter year for Kristin because as well as this E.P. her latest solo LP ‘Wyatt At The Coyote Palace’ is due for release in the autumn and work is also ongoing on a further Throwing Muses album.


  1. Will look forward to hearing this one, been following Hersh and her various incarnations since 1987 I think, old enough to remember TM at QMU supported by The Sundays and I think there is a Betty review of them at Oran Mor back in 2012(?).

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