There was one stand-out amongst our listening on our trip down south last week.

Incredibly ‘Songs of Praise’ by the Golden Virgins is more than 10 years old (the photo above comes from Myspace!!) but it’s a record that holds up from start to finish today.

Whilst the pop singles ‘Renaissance Kid’ and ‘I am a Camera’ are the best known songs,  the album’s true heart can be found in the dark ballads such as ‘Staying Sober’ or ‘Shadows of Your Love’. These songs of devotion, obsession and heartbreak examine love from all angles and it’s criminal that they’re not widely revered.

Singer Lucas Renney released an excellent solo album with a late night feel a few years back but there’s been no new music since although periodically there’s been tantalising hints of a second record on social media.

Anyhow here’s the one promo video for ‘Songs’:

Not sure how easy it is to get a hold of these days but ‘Songs of Praise’ is a true, lost classic.


Golden Virgins reform?? – I had no inkling of this when I thought of doing this post but the minimal Wiki entry for the Virgins suggests that they reformed this year – something that bears further investigation …

Golden Virgins photo by Sam Jones