20160730_kidc3Kid Canaveral / Malcolm Middleton – Summerhall, Edinburgh – Saturday 30th July, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve looked forward to a Kid Canaveral gig as I much as I did to Saturday’s album launch at Summerhall.

The May single tour had provided a significant taster for ‘Faulty Inner Dialogue’ but Saturday night went even further with 9 of the 10 songs from the record played.

It was great to see a band with such confidence in their new material and those of you who have already bought the album will know that that confidence is not in the slightest misplaced.

The new stuff equated to half the monster 18 song set and what was glorious about that is that the show was every bit as good any as I’ve ever seen them play (and I’ve seen a few).


I think my favourite Kid C song at the moment is ‘Lives Never Lived’ and Saturday’s version substituted washes of guitars for the sampled backing (so striking on record) to thrilling effect.

Lead single ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ was also an impressive rock highlight whilst the album’s darkest moment, ‘From Your Bright Room’ gained a foreboding edge in the live setting.

Kate’s songs are perhaps the poppiest on the new record and both ‘Listen To Me’ and ‘Callous Parting Gift’ were amongst the brightest moments of the evening.

Given the length of the show (which, it has to be said, never dragged for one second) there was room for plenty of oldies but their back catalogue is now so strong that loads of great songs didn’t get played.

What did get played was of the highest quality – a stark ‘Her Hair Hangs Down’ featured just David (and Rose on backing vocals) whilst, at the opposite end of the spectrum, a mighty version of ‘A Compromise’ brought the set to a howling conclusion.


Support came from Malcolm Middleton who earlier in the day had suggested on Twitter that his set would be drawn 50/50 from his solo songs and from the Human Don’t Be Angry repertoire.

Quite when he would have time to rehearse the HDBA stuff given the recent solo band gigging and the Arab Strap rehearsals is a mystery. So of course he didn’t play a half and half set. No sir, because the WHOLE set was HDBA!

Armed with just a guitar and loop pedal it was impressive how Malcolm constructed pieces from scratch in a live environment, particularly the multi layered ‘1985’. Otherwise he somehow managed to amalgamate Mike Oldfield and Sonic Youth in an absorbing set.

I can’t finish without talking about the animations that both acts played in front of.

As irreverent as some of the Python animations from the 60s the animator seemed to have unhealthy fixation on the Police (who featured throughout particularly Sting giving himself a little fiddle)  although it also included the bizarre sight of Wolverine trying to escape from Richard Hammond’s oven. I’m sure it made sense to someone.

All in all, a great night.

Kid Canaveral played:

1. Gun Fhaireachdain 2. First We Take Dumbarton 3. Listen To Me  4. Tragic Satellite 5. Who Would Want To Be Loved? 6. And Another Thing!! 7. Lives Never Lived  8. Good Morning 9. Callous Parting Gift 10. In Your Bright Room 11. The Wrench  12. What We Don’t Talk  About 13. Pale White Flower 14. Her Hair Hangs Down 15. Skeletons 16. Low Winter Sun 17. Reel 18. A Compromise


Kid Canaveral have the following dates lined up in support of the new album – including a show for The Cool Cat Club in Dundee on Saturday 24th September:

Friday, August 12th – GLASGOW, Glad Weekender

Friday September 16th – CARDIFF, The Moon Club

Friday September 23rd – ABERDEEN, True North Festival (with C Duncan and HQFU)

Saturday, September 24th – DUNDEE, Beat Generator Live (with Book Group and Faiides)

Friday, September 30th – GLASGOW, Glad Café

Saturday, 5th November – ABERFELDY, Festival