21_piccadillyrecords-rsd-900pxWhilst in Manchester on holiday recently I managed to visit Piccadilly Records for the first time.

Based on that one visit, I’ve got to say that it’s one of my favourite record shops in the country. So I was quite keen to try and find something new.

And July turned out to be a good time to do this as the shop had just printed a leaflet featuring their favourite albums of 2016 to date.

Right at the top of this list was ‘Pop Or Not’ the debut LP from psychedelic popsters, Whyte Horses, who, perhaps not unexpectedly hail from Manchester. The blurb with the record suggested that ‘Pop Or Not’ might fall within the MPT remit so the record was purchased entirely on spec.

And you know, what? I don’t think it’s going to be my album of the year, but it’s certainly a good ‘un.

The fact that the band seems to have several songwriters is probably key to giving the record its diversity as it features very Sixties sounding pop tunes, a couple of songs sung in French and a few instrumentals of which the title track and the jaunty ‘The Wedding Song’ are probably the best.

Top pick though could well be the joyful mash-up of  Let’s Active and the Teardrop Explodes that is the single ‘Promise I Do’.

Here’s the video for the song:

Despite the fact that the album’s out, they don’t appear to be playing many gigs so I’ve no idea if they’ll make it north of the border.

But if you want to find out more info about the band then their Facebook is here.