Looking Back on Last Night

kidcanaveral240919Kid Canaveral

A few thoughts on last night’s show.

The more I do, the more I think that putting on gigs in Dundee relies to a large extent on luck. Certainly we’ve put on Kid Canaveral in Dundee 4 times now with wildly differing results and we feel that nothing we’ve done has really had an impact on the turnouts.

We’ve done the basics – posters, social media, listing, PR – in pretty much the same way each time so whatever has affected the turnout can’t really be attributed to that.

To be honest I’m pretty scunnered with it and will have to seriously consider whether or not I want to do anything again.

On the understanding that what we do makes no financial sense whatever, I can just about live with the consequences but to be waking up on the day of a gig and be filled with dread isn’t much fun. Being honest there’s probably other, non gig related, factors involved at the moment, but anticipating failure is still not much fun.


And then we had a bit of a pre-show disaster which resulted in Book Group and Faiides getting minimal sound checks. I do wonder quite why the Fates seem to have it in for BG in Dundee – in general there’s little that goes wrong with our shows (beyond poor turn-outs) but what does go wrong seems to impact on Graeme and co. Which sucks given how much I like them as a band and as people. Sorry, guys.

As ever the music was the saving grace and I was able to enjoy all the sets.

Other than a couple of Soundcloud tracks, last night was my introduction to Faiides and I was far from the only one impressed with their set. Will hopefully catch them again before too long.

Their much restricted line-check meant that Book Group weren’t firing on all cylinders for the first couple of songs, rather they sounded a little … unruly. But things quickly stabilised out front at least (the band later said they weren’t comfortable on stage until the last couple of tunes) and by the end they were flying.

bookgroup240916Book Group

I’ve seen Kid Canaveral playing a couple of times based round the new album already this year and they were every bit as good last night. David was in fine form between songs and they even did a rare encore, although not the oft requested ‘Smash Hits’.

I really can’t work out why there’s been so little coverage of the new album, it’s their finest work to date, and the addition of a fifth member has just added to their already formidable live armoury.

Catch them if you can.

Anyhow thanks then to all the bands for playing, to Joe for his work on the sound with a far from ideal preparation and to John at the venue for all his support. And to everyone who did turn out and who gave the bands such a good reception.

Kid Canaveral played:

1 First We Take Dumbarton 2 Tragic Satellite 3 Callous Parting Gift 4 Gun Faireachadh   5 And Another Thing!!   6 Good Morning  7 From Your Bright Room 8 Her Hair Hangs Down 9 Lives Never Lived   10 Pale White Flower 11 Skeletons  12 Low Winter Sun  13 Reel  14 A Compromise


15 Who Would Want To Be Loved?

Book Group played:

1 Wake Up and Go Go Go 2 Year of the Cat 3 The Art of Underachieving 4 Kickstart 5 Actress/Model 6 Late Show  7 Mayonnaise 8 Here Is Too Near 9 The Lowdown of a Loud Sound

Last night’s MPT playlist:

Hüsker Dü – Divide and Conquer
The Fall – U.S. 80’s-90’s
That Petrol  Emotion – Can’t Stop
Sonic Youth – Eric’s Trip
Grandaddy – Hewlett’s Daughter
Dark Star – I Am The Sun
Low – Canada
Raveonettes – That Great Love Sound
De Rosa – Cathkin Braes
Cancel The Astronauts – While I Was Sleeping
Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts – Sad Screaming Old Man
STOOR – Frack
The Comet Is Coming – Space Carnival
The Van T’s – Blood Orange
Whyte Horses – Promise I Do
Wah! Heat – Seven Minutes To Midnight
Red Organ Serpent Sound – Isle of the Dead
My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise
The Woodentops – Well Well Well
The Cathode Ray – Buck The Trend
dEUS – Suds & Soda
The Filthy Tongues – Jacob’s Ladder