bob_mould_2016-10-10_ece_sBob Mould Band –  Mike’s living-room – Any time!

I’ve said a couple of times that I’d love to see Bob Mould do a show with a main set based entirely on the last three albums.

Well, if I could pick that setlist, it might look something like this …

1. Star Machine
2. Silver Age
3. The Descent
4. Little Glass Pill
5. Kid With The Crooked Face
6. The End of Things
7. Fix It
8. I Don’t Know You Anymore
9. You Say You
10. Voices In My Head
11. Hold On
12. Monument
13. Losing Sleep
14. Fire In The City
15. Tomorrow Morning
16. Losing Time
17. The War
18. Keep Believing
19. First Time Joy
20. Daddy’s Favourite
21. Black Confetti


22. Love Is All Around
23. In A Free Land
24. JC Auto