singles2singles2More new singles later in the month but here’s a couple of things to add to last month’s Singles Box.

First off here’s something that really should have been in last month’s article but somehow got overlooked.

Edinburgh’s Birdhead returned last month with a new single ‘Custom Muscle’ ahead of their second LP at some point in the not too distant future.

‘Custom Muscle’ is a powerful return from the band, encapsulating all that’s great about Birdhead.

The video is a lot of fun too although it does seem to have been rather harder on singer Stephen than drummer Dave since Stephen sets off on a mystical quest which involves cycling and lots of walking uphill before getting somewhat beaten up by his bandmate!

The single is available to download here.

And also here’s the new video for Lazy Day’s ‘Disappear’ which got a mention last time.

‘Disappear’ is available from Lost Map here.