One of two bands to sleep on my floor, the mighty Bruising, release their second single on Friday (2nd December) on Beech Coma.

‘I Don’t Mind’ (not a Buzzcocks cover) is further proof of the band’s knack for writing memorable pop tunes and is available on 7″ and download.

And it goes like this:

As mentioned the other week Thula Borah have a new single out ahead of a new mini album, ‘Near Life Experience’ in the New Year.

‘The Psychopath Test’ is at the more direct end of the TB spectrum and is presented on the rather quaint CD single format in its full version and as a single edit. The B-side is a demo ‘Ded Leg’ which complements the A-side rather well showcasing the band’s talent for creating soundscapes.

There’s a video on its way and I’ll share that first time I get the chance.

The debut single from Brix and the Extricated ‘Something To Lose’ is available now from Blang Records after initially being available on last month’s short tour.

A real glam racket of a tune ‘Something to Lose’ is backed on the CD by another new song ‘Faced With Time’ and a live recording of ‘US 80s 90s’ whilst the 7″ features just the two studio recordings.

Once a long time ago, I saw Bettie Serveert support Belly at King Tut’s and liked them enough to get their excellent debut LP ‘Palomine’.

For whatever reason it was a purchase never followed up on although occasionally I did notice that the band was still active.

It appears that the band are still a going concern today as a few weeks back e-music alerted me to a new single. ‘Love Sick’ features Peter Te Bos and is a bit heavier than I remember the band being from the early 90s – but none the worse for that.

Turns out the single accompanies an album ‘Damaged Good’ which has already been released. Not heard it yet but on the strength of the single I will be doing so quickly. In the meantime here’s the video for ‘Love Sick’:

Finally I’ve been pointed in the direction of Hollis Brown a band from New York.

Their latest single on One Little Indian is an energetic number called ‘Run Right To You’ and it’s got a definite 70s folk-rock feel to it.

I can’t find a video for the show but here’s a high quality liver version of the song (apologies for the ads)