Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles VII – Pilrig St Paul’s, Edinburgh – Saturday 10th December 2016

From old favourites to new discoveries Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles VII was a blast from start to finish.

Arriving slightly later than normal, the first act we properly caught was Breakfast Muff. The young, instrument swapping trio mixed Beat Happening and Pavement with some short snappy songs. And they also seem to be pissed off about the right sorts of things. Terrific.

Super group Yorkston’s Withered Trail were as ultra professional and tight after weeks of intensive rehearsal as you would expect. With a huge range of songs to choose from and with Dan swigging from a bottle of JD (for medicinal purposes, obviously) they delivered an enjoyable set with some cracking banter. Catch them if they’re near you.

Randolph’s Leap kicked off the evening section of the show with the perfect party set. With plenty of oldies and some Christmas covers they prove that they were the sort of band who could put a smile on the face of even 2016.

Firestations were completely new to me and were given a prominent, but potentially tricky, slot between the Leapers and the headliners. Their dream pop wasn’t quite for everyone unfortunately judging by the increasing volume of chatter through their set but we really liked them. Would be nice to see them again when the second LP is out next year.

And finally to the headliners. I don’t think I’ve seen the Canaverals suffer such a range of indignities in the one set before from breaking strings and guitar straps to as an intensive set of heckling as they’ve ever encouraged!

Yet they rose above all the carnage to deliver a hugely enjoyable set which included not only the planned re-introduction of their best pop song (‘You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night’) but also the entirely unrehearsed resurrection of ‘Smash Hits’ – due to popular demand (with the emphasis on demand!)

Baubles has become a Scottish indie tradition – long may it continue.


Breakfast Muff




Pictish Trail, James Yorkston and Withered Hand


Randolph’s Leap