faiides240916One of the bands that Andy brought to my attention this year was Faiides who not only released their debut album ‘Accelerate’ but also did a grand job in opening the Kid Canaveral show for us in September.

Guitarist Scott Whitehill looked back on the past 12 months with Andy.

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

For me the highlight for Faiides was releasing our debut album in April. It had been such a long time coming as we started recording it over a year previously and for whatever reasons had to record in different studios, Shady Lane to begin with and Green Door to finish.

Because the process took so long I think you can really see the band develop throughout the album even if the album itself lacks coherence. There are a lot of songs on that which we have been playing since day one and I think we were all happy to draw a line under it and move onto new material.

We had the launch in The Hug and Pint with Life Model and Animal Mothers which was great and Two States sorted us out with tapes then after that went and got smashed at a party which was pretty cool too.

Favourite performance of the year?

We played our first out of town shows this year which has been really good fun. Our first was through in Edinburgh put on by Adam Carr for Control Social Club. It was during the Fringe and it was pissing it down so it was pretty minging but the gig promised to be a good one with The Ninth Wave, Star Rover and The Draynes all on the bill too.

Expected it to be quite quiet for our set as we were opening and I’ve played a bunch of really quiet Edinburgh shows in the past but a load of people got down early and got into it and we were loose and sloppy which is always fun. This was also the first gig where we performed songs off of our new EP so was cool to play a bit of a different set than we had been playing before I think people were into it which is always good!

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2016 you’d like to fix?

I think at the start of the year we took our foot off the gas a bit in terms of song writing and probably lost a bit of momentum because of it.

In the last few months though we have been much more productive and me and Ben have been working on a lot more ideas and fleshing them out with the guys in the studio. Probably wouldn’t say anything has gone particularly wrong just that we could have done things a bit better at the beginning of the year.

What you gonna be doing next year?

Next year we really hope to do a bit more out of town shows and obviously it would be cool if we landed a wee festival slot or something. But on our end I think album number 2 or 2 new EP’s depending on how many and how fast we can come up with new songs. Got a bunch in the pipeline at the moment that I think are a really good representation of what we are wanting to sound like so yeah, just to decide whether a full album or a couple of EP’s are what we want to do.

Others’ Music

Album of the year?

Ty Segall and the Muggers – Emotional Mugger

Song of the year?

Lvl Up – Pain

Best gig attended?

This one is a total toss up for me. I saw a lot of great bands this year and a bunch of them are some of my favourites but the two standouts were Television and Scooter for very different reasons. Been massively into Television since I was about 12 and Tom Verlaine has always been a guitar player I’ve really looked up to so was great to see them.

That said but, Scooter was probably the best night of my life so gonna go with HP Baxxter on this one. He came onstage with a flying V guitar shooting fire out the headstock. Tom Verlaine is a genius but you can’t really top that.

Best discovery in 2016?

My friend Josh showed us Shut Up, Kiss Me by Angel Olsen. That was the first song of hers I heard and was really into it. When I listened back to her early albums I expected more of the same but it was totally different but if anything even better. Saw her at SWG3 the other month and the place was totally rammed, couldn’t see anything but the sound was perfect. Some voice!

Who should we be looking out for in 2017?

Our drummer Chris Harvie has recently started a band called Shredd, they have their debut EP coming out in January released on Fuzzkill records and they are shit hot. Might not be fair to recommend one of our own, but I’m not fair and Shredd deserve all the praise they get.

Anything and Everything

Hero of 2016 (M and F)

Jnr Crawford, Holly Calder and Ross Keppie for their work organising Freakender. Amazing weekend that really exceeded anything else done on a DIY scale in Glasgow.

Villain of 2016 (M and F)

Dragon Soop for ruining my new white jumper and Cersei from Game of Thrones for so many reasons.

High point of 2016

Leicester City winning the league. Won’t forget that in a hurry.

Lowpoint of 2016

2016 has seen a lot of crap things happening, the remake of Point Break has gotta be the worst but, nobody asked for that. How on earth did they expect to recreate the chemistry between Swayze and Reeves? Come on…

Favourite book of 2016

I haven’t actually read anything that came out this year, currently reading Rip it up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds, it’s a history of post punk and is worth checking out. I’ve heard the Johnny Marr book is good too but haven’t read it yet.

Favourite film of 2016


Best piece of advice you gave or were given in 2016

Don’t look at the fire when stoking the flames

What place will you most associate with 2016

The Doghouse

Something to look forward to in 2017

Loads more gigs and rehearsals with my fwiends 🙂

Not from the album but here’s the recent ‘Fall’ E.P. that Scott mentioned: