It’s been a busy 12 months for Book Group. That long-awaited debut album (The Great Indoors’) finally arrived in Mayand the band managed a good number of dates to promote it.

Additionally Graeme and Michael from the band have been involved in the ‘Home for The Holidays’ Christmas Songbook and mini-festival (which concludes today at Summerhall) all in Support of Shelter.

Phew! Somehow Graeme found the  time this week to look back on a hectic 12 months.

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Releasing our debut album ‘The Great Indoors’ was a special moment. We are really pleased with the sound and look of the album and it was nice to hear a positive reaction from press and reviewers. Currently loving being involved with the ‘Home for the Holidays’ songbook for Shelter which features original Christmas songs from artists. Ending the year on an album that includes Frightened Rabbit, Euros Childs and Spare Snare has been a fab.  

Favourite performance of the year?

I always love playing a festival so the gigs at Jocktoberfest or Randolph’s Leap ‘I Can’t Dance To This Anymore’ were lots of fun. They might not have been our best performances but I think a festival crowd seem to get us.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2016 you’d like to fix?

I think I would’ve liked to have pursued the chance to play abroad. Maybe a wee European tour. It takes a lot of planning and a bit of backing but you never know.

What you gonna be doing next year?

We are currently writing lots of stuff that we have been sitting on and are keen to share it in 2017.

Others’ Music

Album of the year?

PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project

Song of the year?

Grandaddy – Way We Won’t

Best gig attended?

The return of Grandaddy was pretty special. Also loved Teenage Fanclub at the Barrowlands but the most recent and memorable was Super Furry Animals at the Usher Hall. Playing ‘Fuzzy Logic’ and ‘Radiator’ back to back just reminded me of how much I loved them growing up.

Best discovery in 2016?

Lots of fab new stuff but Be Charlotte grabbed my attention at Electric Fields and I have really enjoyed what I’ve seen and heard of Catholic Action.

Who should we be looking out for in 2017?

Think Savage Mansion are fab and only recently got into Andrew Wasylyk who seems to be announcing a lot of dates for early in the year. I’m hoping he is brewing something. 

Anything and Everything

Hero of 2016

Andy Murray – admire his determination and focus. He is a millionaire though so that must help.  

Villain of 2016

My Ford Mondeo – it’s cost us an arm and a leg and still beeps at me daily toying with my emotions.

High point of 2016

Dundee relegating United. I’m normally not too bad rivalries or derbies but those United fans are bad losers. We’ll be seeing them in a few months though.

Lowpoint of 2016

Family News – just been one of those years for my family. I know people will batter on about celebs passing away but it’s your closest you should worry the most about.

Favourite book of 2016

Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson (love a picture book!)

Favourite film of 2016

A difficult one. I have been to the cinema once this year to see ‘Finding Dory’ which I thought was poor by kids film standards. Finally got to see ‘Whiplash which I loved. Sadly my life has been taken over with TV boxsets.

Most missed

Alan Rickman

Best piece of advice you gave or were given in 2016

‘Take a day at a time’ has been voiced by a certain member of my family for years and at times it’s hard to look forward when you have a lot on your plate. Best to do what you can and then tackle tomorrow when it comes. Sounds lazy but has been my mantra of late.

What place will you most associate with 2016?


Something to look forward to in 2017?

Lots of gigs that I’m either playing or going to but genuinely getting to spend more time with my family. Sounds a tad soppy but things have been hectic recently and the thought of downing tools for a month or two is quite appealing. However, there is that second album to record!

 ‘The Great Indoors’ is available from good record shops and online here.

‘The Home for the Holidays’ songbook can be pre-ordered here.

Here’s a video from the band’s LP launch show at the Banshee Labyrinth in May:

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