STOOR – The Mayfly, Dundee – Friday 23rd December 2016

For this year’s annual Christmas party, STOOR opted for no supports and no Christmas gimmicks. Instead we got a set which featured almost all of the second, nearly recorded, LP with old favourites sprinkled throughout the set.

Technically it was perhaps a little short of last year’s show at the same venue (the basement formerly known as Drouthy’s) but only because Stef’s vocals were just too low in the mix

But this was one was all about the new songs. I was surprised that I’d actually heard all of the songs before at one point or another but hearing all those songs at the same time (and with the benefit of a couple of the live videos on the web) really brought the new tunes into focus.

Some of the songs are heavier than those on the debut, most notably the brooding, threatening ‘Chivers’. But there’s light as well as the darkness. Despite its title, ‘Atrocities’ is the most upbeat of the batch – whilst ‘Ark’ has a naggimg, infectious melody. In fact, that’s true of much of the new material. STOOR certainly haven’t started writing pop tunes but the new songs en masse demonstrate their knack for memorable tunes.

Sometimes large blocks of new songs can be off putting, but this show makes me keener than ever to hear the finished LP.


STOOR played:

1. STOOR Theme 2. Pain 3. Liberator 4. Atrocities 5. Foundling 6. Ark 7. Frack 8. Unlike Them 9. Infect Me 10. Chivers 11. Lovebombing 12. The Dig 13. Witchfinder General 14. Sure Beats Me

 As a wee post Christmas bonus – here’s the two instrumentals from the night as the other recordings don’t really show the songs at their best.

STOOR Theme (live at the Mayfly, 23rd December 2016)

Sure Beats That (live at the Mayfly, 23rd December 2016)