10 Years of MPT #3 – 2011/12


2011 Albums

I reckon that this was the most surprising of my Top 10s so far and its unpredictability is certainly indicative of its quality. At the start of 2011 I doubt that I would have predicted even half of this list – although the number 1 was always a fairly safe bet!


  1. Martin John Henry – The Other Half of Everything [Buy it]
  2. FOUND – factorycraft
  3. Wire – Red Barked Tree
  4. Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will
  5. The Paradise Motel – I Still Hear Your Voice At Night
  6. Come On Gang! – Strike A Match
  7. Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat – Everything’s Getting Older
  8. We Were Promised Jetpacks – In The Pit of the Stomach
  9. Edinburgh School for the Deaf – New Youth Bible
  10. King Post Kitsch – The Party’s Over

Interestingly my Top 20 of the previous year was expanded to a Top 25 for 2011 (11-25 here). But as ever there were things that were too late to make it into the either list.

Adam Stafford – Build A Harbour Immediately
The Blue Aeroplanes – Anti-Gravity
Low – C’mon
Thula Borah – Mind River Matter
The Wild Swans – The Coldest Winter for A Hundred Years

I’ve no doubt that the Low album would now be definitely in the top 4 whilst the others would have enhanced the Top 20.

The original post on the 2011 top 10.

2012 Albums


  1. The Big Sleep – Nature Experiments (review)
  2. Cancel The Astronauts – Animal Love Match (review)
  3. Bob Mould – Silver Age (review)
  4. Lee Ranaldo – Between the Times and the Tides (review)
  5. These Singles Spies – Shipwrecking (review)
  6. Meursault – Something for the Weakened (review)
  7. The Grand Gestures – The Grand Gestures (review)
  8. Shearwater – Animal Joy (review)
  9. The Cathode Ray – The Cathode Ray (review)
  10. The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know (review)

Probably slightly more predictable than the previous year but 2012 still featured no fewer than four debut LPs in the Top 10 (and you could also make an argument that Lee Ranaldo’s album was a debut of sorts). However I could definitely see the Cancel The Astronauts and These Single Spies albums coming!

There’s a lot of albums that didn’t make the Top 25 (the remainder of the Top 25 (unranked) can be found here). But there’s really only been a handful of ‘late’ discoveries that would have enhanced the list, although I think that all three of the records below would have been fighting over the number 10 position:

Big Dipper – Crashes On The Platinum Planet
State Broadcasters – Ghosts We Must Carry
Thula Borah – Live Secretly

The original post on the 2012 top 10.

Hoping that there will be a post on 2013/14 over the weekend but something good may take precedence!



  1. JC says:

    And, if I may be so bold, this is the period where MPT became a blog unlike any other that I follow (albeit, as with all of them, intermittently);

    I’ve long been impressed by your ability to keep up with all that is new and emerging but there’s much to be admired in the highly assured way you always review albums amd gigs; it’s refreshing that you don’t act as a cheerleader and aren’t afraid to have a dig is it doesn’t meet expectations. In a parallel universe, you’d have your own high-profile radio show and be a meeja personality!

  2. Shucks. But I’ll think you’ll find the digs are actually few and far between. And I think I’ve been very much a cheer leader for a certain Bristolian band over the last week.

    And I never feel that I keep up to date with everything. In fact the thought tires me out …

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