To be honest, I’ve been a little obsessed this last three weeks. I mean I’ve got the Blue Aeroplanes, so why do I need any more new music?

If anyone’s likely to snap me out of that, it’s Wire and right on cue they’ve released a track from their upcoming LP ‘Silver/Lead’.

‘Short Elevated Period’ definitely falls into the category of Wire pop tunes and it sounds like this:

‘Silver/Lead’ is released on 31st March and pre-orders can be placed now from Pink Flag.

A tour and further instalments of their own mini festival DRILL are promised as well.

Of course the only problem I’ll have is that I’ll be obsessing on Wire for weeks at around that time …

In my end of year lists, Thula Borah featured highly in my 2016 singles list with ‘The Psychopath Test’ from their upcoming mini-album ‘Near Life Experience’  but the video for the single has only just come out this month:

‘Near Life Experience’ is due out on Friday (27th) and you can pre-order the download of the album from their Bandcamp although I understand that a short run CD is also due.

Interestingly their gig at the Bungalow Bar in Paisley seems to be getting some form of streaming treatment

No idea how this is going to work but the show is on the 26th. There’s another show at Hootanany in Inverness on 18th February.

And having said I don’t need any new music here’s a track that came up after the Wire song on Soundcloud:

It’s by Oddnesse about whom I know absolutely nothing although the Twitter feed suggests that the band (if Oddnesse is actually a band) may be from LA. But I’m thinking that any obscurity is going to be short-lived because ‘Somewhere, Somehow’ is really great.

And finally a new video for something that came out at the back end of 2016.

Split Single is the guise under which Jason Narducy releases his solo records. His second LP ‘Metal Frames’ came out in the autumn and was featured at #15 in MPT’s Top 20 albums of the year.

But there’s not been an official video for any of the songs from the record so far. Until now. Here is the hilarious video for ‘Untry Love’: