New for 2017 (2) – St Christopher Medal, British Sea Power and Meursault


I’m very much looking forward to next Friday’s Stereogram show (3rd February) at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh. It’s a triple headliner featuring The Eastern Swell, STOOR and St Christopher Medal. I’ve seen neither the Swell nor the Medal live, two of the acts that Stereogram have put out superb albums by in the last 18 months or so. Add in STOOR and it’s pretty much unamusable.

To add to the occasion, St Christopher Medal also release a download only single ‘Wayne Moon Pilot’ that day. It’s a brand new song, not on the debut ‘Sunny Day Machine’, and at more than 6 and a half minutes it’s a bit of an epic.

The good news is that the single is just the start as there’s a new StCM album due later in the year.

I confess that I’ve kind of lost touch with British Sea Power over the last few years after a couple of albums that really didn’t excite me.

However that might change with the new single ‘Bad Bohemian’:

That’s more like it! Might take an interest in the new album as a result.

As seems to be becoming a tradition for these pieces, here’s a new video for a recent track, this time ‘By Gaslight’ from Meursault’s ‘Simple Is Good’ E.P.

‘Simple Is Good’ was a terrific return from Neil Pennycook and co (and happened to be my favourite EP of last year) but the release of the new Meursault LP ‘I Will Kill Again’ is very much imminent.

Featuring songs which featured in the Meursault live set towards the end of the band’s last phase as well as some which featured on the Supermoon E.P. IWKA is released on 27th February and you can pre-order it here.

The album will be launched at Song, By Toad’s first ever one day festival ‘Granfaloon’ at Summerhall on Saturday 25th February. The line-up also features Adam Stafford, Now Wakes The Sea, Rocky Lorelei, Faith Eliott and Lush Purr. Tickets available here.