Here’s another new song for 2017 – this time from Fazerdaze.

We last heard of Fazerdaze when Amelia and band unexpectedly reached the UK’s shores last year. At the time Amelia was talking about her debut album having a label. It turns out that the label is in fact long-running Flying Nun.

‘Lucky Girl’ is definitely a pop record but one which still sonically ties back to the Fazerdaze E.P. And I don’t think it’s just the Flying Nun connection which makes me think it sounds a little bit like the Chills. Certainly it’s got that bright, melodic sheen that you associate with Martyn Phillips and co but the giveaway is undoubtedly the coda.

It’s something of a change in mood for Fazerdaze and it’ll be interesting to see where the album goes. Entitled ‘Morningside’ it’s out on Flying Nun on 5th May. Looking forward to it immensely!