I’ve lost count of how many gigs I’ve promoted or co-promoted over the years (writes Andy Wood) but I think it’s fair to say that there have been a few. I’m still as excited at promoting (and attending) live gigs as ever before. Never before though have I attempted a festival so I thought, what better way to put on a bunch of bands I love than to organise a one day event.

And here we are. So I’m not going to have any of the organisers of the big festivals quaking in their boots at the thought of Transmission but I have ten ace bands, it won’t break the bank and better still, no one has to worry about the joys of Scottish weather either as it is all indoors.

Some of the bands are more than a little bit familiar to Dundee gig-goers, others may be new to your ears but each band is, for me, well worth the exposure and your time. The main criteria for putting on bands for me is pretty simple. Do I like them? Would I make the effort to go and see them? Do they excite me? All the bands appearing at Transmission fill those criteria and so here we are.

Of the more established names we have The Mirror Trap who have now recorded three fine albums and toured the world. Live they are an exciting, impassioned bunch who really come to life on the stage. No matter what the setting The Mirror Trap always bring it on with their cracking tunes and exuberant performance.

STOOR have been plugging away with live shows that just get better and better. They can sound spiky and angular but also possess killer tunes. They signed to Edinburgh based label Stereogram in 2016 and re-issued their fine debut album. A second album is in the can and may well win them more fans as the new songs sound as good as their predecessors.

Benedictus are a lively bunch who seem to have as much fun as their audience on stage. They released their debut E.P. All But Invisible late last year which showcased five cracking songs from their live set.

Bob Flambe and the Atoms of Desire feature the enigmatic frontman, Bob Flambe and his musical cohorts who also play in Spare Snare and Man Without Machines. They mix social commentary, a dark sense of humour and some lovely music together to present an arresting live performance.

Tongue Trap hail from Edinburgh and released a wonderful E.P. last year entitled Girl Crush. They are so much fun live and after putting them on last year I was really excited about asking them back.

Joshua Gray was formerly a member of The Cool Cat Club favourites, Vladimir, but has been gigging solo and with his band since last year. Now based in Glasgow he has fast developed his own sound which is equal parts melancholy and beautiful. Joshua will be appearing with his full band.

Agony Ant, Catch, Yesterday’s Robots and VFLambda are all fairly new bands to me but I’m intrigued and enthusiastic about hearing all four of them live for the first time after enjoying their recordings.

Like Tongue Trap, Agony Ant hail from Edinburgh and have a high-octane sound and a debut E.P. in the pipeline.

Yesterday’s Robots are pretty new on the scene but their sound is starkly beautiful, even from the rough rehearsal demo’s that I’ve heard.

VFLambda have a good sense of noise and energy and their gigs have been creating a nice buzz while Catch have a gentler, more melodic sound that is no less engaging.

And basically that is the line-up. Ten great bands for ten quid.

I’m hoping that, as time goes on Transmission will develop into something of a regular event but for now this is the first one.

You may see and hear some favourites, you may fall in love with some new bands. You won’t develop sunstroke or hypothermia but I hope you come along and enjoy the event.

I’ll be the shell-shocked but hopefully excited promoter standing front-stage or running around like a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Find out more about Transmission here.

Tickets are available from Groucho’s, Dundee or online from We Got Tickets.