Abandoned by the Road – STOOR live

Transmission Live – STOOR – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – 4th March 2017

There were nine bands playing Transmission – the Cool Cat Club’s first all-day event – but unfortunately, due to a family commitment (and a slight delay in the bands starting), I saw just one. But at least the one band I did see was STOOR.

Opening the show to an almost deserted Beat Generator, the band’s set was entirely made up of material destined for the second LP. And on this evidence the new record is going to be every bit the equal of the wonderful debut.

The set consisted of a range of material. ‘Atrocities’, with its jittery guitar riff, and ‘Lovebombing’ are both twisted STOOR pop songs in the tradition of ‘Frack’ whilst both the opening ‘Arc’ and ‘Unlike Them’ are also at the more accessible end of the STOOR spectrum.

On the other hand the likes of ‘Pain’ and the closing ‘Chivers’ are dense, marauding beasts of songs.

What’s true about the new material is that the songs remain barbed with hooks throughout whether it be the guitars of ‘Unlike Them’, the chorus of ‘Lovebombing’ or even the snaking bass on ‘Chivers’.

Although I’d hoped to get back later on, the other thing went on too long so for me Transmission was stopped after just the one act.  I was particularly disappointed to miss the likes of the Mirror Trap and Joshua Gray later on but hopefully, next time, I’ll catch more of the show.

STOOR played:

  1. Arc 2. Pain 3. Atrocities 4. Lovebombing 5. Founding Fathers 6. Unlike Them 7. Chivers