Saturday Morning Shorts

Here’s a few tunes I’ve been listening to recently from older records (although a couple were only out last year):

‘Lovesongs for Underdogs’ is the best Belly album, Belly never made. Definitely stronger than ‘King’, it’s record that probably tends to be overlooked these days.

With ‘Silver/Lead’ due at the end of the month, thee’s signs of my Wire obsession re-emerging. I did a piece last week on 21st century Wire for the New Vinyl Villain but this is an old one. Dig those long haired Germans!

IDestroy is Bec Jevons ‘other’ band (she’s also been one of the Blue Aeroplanes guitarists in recent years). ‘Vanity Loves Me’ is taken from their debut EP and there’s a new double A-sided single due out imminently.

Still think that if this had been released 25 years ago, if it had gained support of a Radio 1 DJ and if Malc had been prepared to don a Lennon wig and specs for that TOTP appearance, this could have been a hit. Times have changed …

I do also think that on release ‘Summer of ’13’ was something of an under-appreciated record.