It’s Only Thunder, Darling – Oddnesse single


Even if it came out last year, one of the best things I’ve heard this year so far was ‘Someone Somewhere’ by Oddnesse, the video for which I featured a few weeks back.

‘Someone Somewhere’ was the first of four singles to be released by Oddnesse which, as far as I can make out, is a collaboration between LA musician Rebeca Arango and producer Doug Walters and I loved it immediately.

I’ll confess that the subsequent releases didn’t make such a big initial impact in part because they sound just a bit different from each other. But ‘Incoming Call’, ‘Swim To The Shore’ and ‘Scream’ have all been growers and that particularly applies to  ‘Swim …’ the third single, and here it is:

There’s undoubtedy a bit of ‘Actress’ era St Vincent about Oddnesse’s music, and that’s no bad thing. Certainly the four songs released so far make me want to hear more.

All four songs are now available to download from the usual places.