Saturday Morning Shorts #2 – Withered Hand, The Paranoid Style, Magazine, Laura Marling and The Bats

Having reached a second digit, this in danger of matching the record for a series on MPT. Anyhow, here’s a few things I’ve been listening to this week, some old, some new.

So the recent Dundee gig sent me back to Withered Hand and ‘New Gods’. This might be my favourite on the record:

The Paranoid Style and cats! What’s not to love? The stonking opening track from the debut album ‘Rolling Disclosure’

Going right back, there’s been a debate on Facebook about the best Magazine. I seem to be alone in not rating ‘The Correct Use of Soap’ as being as good as the first two but here’s a track that perhaps makes the case as well as any of the others. Oh, and I’ve learned that there is/was a Magazine covers band in Sweden called Model Workers!

And finally a couple of new things. Laura Marling‘s been around for a while but I heard her for the first time on a recent Uncut CD and, taken from the new LP ‘Semper Femina’, this reminds me a lot of Emma Pollock:



And finally there’s a new LP from New Zealand’s The Bats. With connections to other Flying Nun acts, the Bats have had a lengthy career and their new album ‘The Deep Set’ is their ninth. On first listen it sounds like a good ‘un.

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  1. JC says:

    Need to take issue with you Mike….not only is ‘Soap’ the finest Magazine LP, it is one of the finest LPs of all time.

    The debut album is a belter but the sophomore effort is just a bit too prog in places.

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