Meat For A Fortnight – Kid Canaveral live

Kid Canaveral / Sonny Carntyne / Randolph’s Leap (solo) – Rio Centre, Newport-on-Tay – Friday 24th March 2017

A sold-out New Portsound welcomed Kid Canaveral to Newport-on-Tay on Friday for an ultimately triumphant set.

Initially though there was something missing when Kid C started with ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ – turned out it was the guitars, which resulted in an unintentionally sparse arrangement. Fortunately by ‘Callous Parting Gift’ things had come joyously into focus and the rest of the set was a mixture of the band’s poppiest (and most danceable) moments and some of the more reflective moments on the recent album.

David was in fine form throughout and even managed to avoid heckling the audience, even if he was a little unkind about the denizens of Cupar.

Unusually the band returned to the stage for a well deserved encore and ‘A Compromise’ was the perfect way to finish.

Adam from Randolph’s Leap had opened the show with a charming solo set, which largely avoided the pop tunes in favour of quieter material – and a new song about having an extra-marital affair with an optician (quote ‘The writing’s on the wall”!)

He was, however, persuaded to finish with the hit – a version of ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music’ with a fair bit of audience participation, to finish the set on a high.

Randolph’s Leap

Since the last time I saw them, Sonny Carntyne have shed another skin with the five piece rock band line-up replaced by a core three piece with two additional vocalists for the launch of the new E.P. ‘Saltstraumen ‘

It was a varied set, drawn mainly from the new E.P. The first couple of numbers recalled the quiet beauty of the A-Forest whilst most of the rest of the tunes are far closer to downbeat folk than rock, although one soundeds like what I imagine that Chris Isaak sounds like.

There was only really the one up tempo number on which Dom managed to persuade the two halves of the audience to provide different backing vocals.

Overall though the set gave Dom a chance to showcase different aspects of his very fine voice.

Sonny Carntyne

Kid Canaveral played:

  1. First We Take Dumbarton
  2. Callous Parting Gift
  3. And Another Thing!!
  4. Who Would Want To Be Loved?
  5. Reel
  6. Pale White Flower
  7. Gun Fhaireachdain
  8. Skeletons
  9. Good Morning
  10. Low Winter Sun


11. A Compromise


  1. JC says:

    Sounds like it was a great night out.

    I wonder why David picked on Cupar??!!!

    1. He didn’t really although he said if they’d been shocked in Cupar it would have been deliberate! Which is where headline fits in …

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